Hany Farouk Ghoraba is an Egyptian Political Writer, Businessman and Freelance Journalist. Graduated from American University in 1997 with BA in Mass Communication with a specialization in Journalism and a Minor of Political Science.

Fluent in 3 Languages which are English , German and French aside from his Native language language Arabic.

Hany is a Libertarian and a staunch believer in the free markets and capitalism. Freedom of expression, speech and human liberties are sacred to him like a creed. He has been analyzing the Egyptian revolution since its very beginnings and just launched my new Book now on Ebook format,  Kindle and Paperback in USA, Europe and many other counrties. He has published numerous articles in online portals like , Atlantic Council, Beit El Hiwar, etc.. Also, has contributed political analysis before in CNN International, BBC World UK, BBC Radio UK, World Service Radio , CTV (Canada) , Think Twice Radio (New York) , Pittsburg Tribune among many others. 


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