Signs of evil: The rise of Alt-Right

Original Post at Al Ahram Weekly 3/3/2017

The resurgence of right-wing fascism in Europe and the United States is not to be underestimated or trifled with. Similar conditions in the 20th century spurred two world wars.

In the attempt to lure as many Eastern European countries to join the European Union and snatch these countries from the clutches of Soviet/Russian hegemony, the EU, represented by mainly Western European countries, lowered the bar for EU membership. This vast expansion came as a blessing for Eastern European countries, at least temporarily, who witnessed a huge influx of investment along with other economic, military, social and cultural benefits.

Those benefits received were at the hefty price of lower job opportunities for West European citizens. These citizens found themselves facing a deluge of new European Union citizens sharing their job opportunities, in most cases accepting lower wages and benefits compared to their native counterparts. Economic turmoil in Europe and the US along with the influx of more refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and Africa after the Arab Spring revolutions exacerbated an already bad situation. Meanwhile, a new wave of radicals has been amassing behind the scenes, represented in the resurgence of neo-Nazi movements and neo-fascist ones.

Neo-fascism has been existent since the end of World War II in many forms and groups, such as the New European Order established in 1951 and National Alliance established in 1974. Fascism comes in many forms and shapes, and can be diverse in terms of its nature. For example, many are under the impression that fascism is only existent in Western countries, which is false since World War II Imperial Japan was a fascist nation whose army committed incredible atrocities in China, Korea and other areas in the Pacific war theatre.

Furthermore, fascism can be religious and this is not attributed to one particular religion. For example, the Christian Klu Klux Klan, and various Crusaders’ orders are labelled as religious fascists, along with their Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist counterparts. However, a new wave of blunt and openly racist groups is forming in the United States and Europe, and among the most famous is what is called the Alternative Right.

ALTERNATIVE RIGHT (ALT-RIGHT): Alternative Right is the latest in a string of nightmares surfacing in the Western Hemisphere. Fuelled by hate towards immigration and political correctness, the new movement is garnering support among younger White males and females. They claim they want change, but they are anti-establishment movements that are hijacking power from the people.

Richard Spencer is an Alt-Right propagandist who is a blatant and proud racist, patent in his comments as well as his attitude. He is president of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think tank, as well as Washington Summit Publishers. He attempts, through his mischievous writings, to garner more masses to the White Supremacist cause, trying to whitewash the racist movement by looking more modern. So instead of the skinhead look and Swastika tattoos that distinguished White Supremacist members’ movements in US and Europe, now he and his racist associates are attempting to appear more elegant with a more hipster look and a haircut taken from vintage photos circa the 1940s.

Spencer and his Alt-Right movement believe that the United States is a White European nation principally and it should be restored to that status. He advocates turning the United States into a homeland for what he calls a “dispossessed white race”. Also he bluntly calls for peaceful “ethnic cleansing” to halt the “deconstruction” of European culture in the United States.

The delusional and racist Spencer seems oblivious to the fact that the great American Revolution (1765 and 1783) ended any dreams of turning the United States into a European affiliate by defeating British colonialists and declaring the American Republic.

Another Alt-Right leader is Milo Yiannopoulos, a prolific British homosexual self-proclaimed conservative journalist. He professes open hatred towards Islam and all its adherents indiscriminately. He claims to be simply expressive of his own views which include radical hatred towards large sectors of society, including feminist women. Yiannopoulos’s controversial, bizarre attitudes and twisted thought patterns are not less bizarre than his attire during interviews, which reflects how that growing group of fascists in Europe and the US express themselves. Yiannopoulos questioned the legal prohibition of paedophilia, an outlook that cost him his book deal and what is left of his already obnoxious reputation.

Alt-Right has been drawing sizeable support among the frustrated, racists and others who mostly possess no more than double digit IQs. Throughout the centuries, the West has produced great thinkers and philosophers who changed the world in many positive ways. From ancient Greece’s Plato passing through the Renaissance Dutch philosopher Erasmus, all the way to the great John Locke, Jean Paul Sartre, and countless others who have enriched human knowledge like an abundant fountain of wisdom. On the other hand, the likes Richard Spencer, Milo Yiannopoulos and David Dukes, with their poisonous and sickening ideals, represent the sewage water of the great Western civilisation.

FASCISM, NATIONALISM AND THE UN: Political thinkers, pundits and analysts often mistake strong sentiments of patriotism or nationalism as forms of fascism, which is a fallacy. These aforementioned sentiments should be completely separated from any traits of fascism, racism or neo-Nazism because nationalism is the foundation of most modern states all across the world, which evolved from the theocratic states of the mediaeval ages. These states based on nationalist ideals are the principal foundation of modern civilisation and the result of over 7,000 years of recorded human evolution.

Moreover, fascists are calling the United Nations a tool of global domination by world powers and arguing that all countries should withdraw from the world’s most famous organisation. As much as the United Nations can sometimes be a useless organisation in resolving many of the world’s issues, the international organisation remains the cornerstone of world peace and the shield protecting the world from total chaos. If the shield is taken down, this world will simply be one ruled by the “survival of the fittest” motto and smaller nations will be engulfed by stronger neighbouring ones in a matter of years, which will lead to an inevitable third world war.

The United Nations and its charter is extremely necessary and a minimum requirement that guarantees some sort of world peace. Through many resolutions and recommendations, the United Nations urges all members to take necessary steps in preventing the cancerous spread of fascism and other forms of hate and tyranny. The world now is urged to cling to that United Nations Charter more than ever as the signs of evil become too glaring to ignore.

IMMIGRATION LAWS AND SOLUTIONS: Contrary to popular belief, many of those who demand stricter laws against illegal immigration are not actual fascists or racists, since hardworking and taxpaying citizens in any society have the right to protect their hard-earned gains from being diverted unwillingly to others who simply try to share in it illegally.

Nevertheless, banning immigration, anti-immigrant sentiments, or banning particular ethnic groups from entering a country falls into the category of bigotry and fascism. Instead, immigration in healthy societies must be regulated by clear laws that allow the country to benefit from great minds and hard working labour who seek new opportunities in distant lands. Great nations such as US, Canada and Australia were founded on these bases as within the immigrants and their varied cultural, scientific and educational backgrounds, countries can discover untapped opportunities brought to them by outsiders.

Moreover, one method to combat the deluge of illegal immigration is undertaking massive economic investment in Africa, the Middle East and South American countries by Western countries. These investments will yield great output, both economically and socially, for all parties involved. On one hand, the great economic yields for investors from new markets will make these investments worthwhile. On the other hand, for every job created in the Middle East and Africa, a household in Europe or North America will be guaranteed a steady income in return, and a job opportunity for a native European is secured.

These investments save Americans and Europeans huge amounts of money for not having to build housing and settlements for new immigrants. These investments are no longer a luxury but are imperative if Western powers wish to tackle the alarming immigration problems that provide popularity to fascist groups.

Furthermore, Western governments banning immigrants will have catastrophic long-term consequences if the banned countries retaliate by banning Western products and imports. These countries can substitute easily Western products for Chinese, Japanese or Indian counterparts. Developing economies can sustain themselves on a subsistence economy such as agrarian economies in Africa and South America. The Western economies will not survive major economic bans by other countries as it would end in severe drops in exports and consequently more job losses.

CONCLUSION: Fascists will continue attempting to mask themselves under clever names such as “Alternative-Right” to lure lesser intelligent humans to their twisted causes. Western fascists, similar to Islamist fascists, will continue to abuse the tools of democracy and media to increase their dominion. They will also continue to exploit economic hardships, lack of trust in the media and major political events to reach seats of power. Fascists among Muslims, Christians or of any other religion will always find a reason to hate the other. If they don’t find them in current events, they will recall historical events that took place centuries if not millennia ago to justify that hatred.

The signs of evils are crystal clear and they should never be ignored or trifled with. The obnoxious sentiments of racism, anti-foreignism and fascism resemble those that reigned the late part of the 19th century and early part of the 20th century all the way to World War II. These signs of evil could be a prelude for more ominous events should they be left unchecked by European governments as well as others. World War I was ignited over one event, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but the seeds of animosity were already present. From these seeds, two consecutive world wars were fought, resulting in almost 80 million deaths in total. The assassination of Ferdinand was only a catalyst for the bloodiest events in history that followed. The groundwork was already laid.

At the moment, similar groundwork is being laid by the likes of the Alt-Right and the resurgence of a once dormant fascism in Europe and the United States. These indeed may be the signs of a greater evil to come.

Original Post at Al Ahram Weekly



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