In the Loving Memory Of Mark G Kirshner

Few people in our lives affect us immensely even if you have known them for a short period. This is a trait of great people who change the world even without knowing that they do. Mark G Kirshner was one of those rare people who have done that in the lives of thousands he met personally or through social media. Mark was a man who never failed to leave a good impression on everyone he interacted with. His great sense of friendship, understanding and intercultural awareness made him a friend for people from over 200 nationalities. He was truly a symbol of an international citizen of the 21st century.

I have never had the honour of meeting Mark Geoffrey Kirshner in person but we were in constant contact online for many years through. It hurts me so much that he would pass away in the very week we planned to meet. Fate sometimes is very unkind to us and reminds us never to waste a precious moment in life.

Mark was a man who understood life with all its ups and downs. He struck as me as a person who was truly realistic without losing hope for a better future. He always looked at the half filled cup without losing touch with reality as many of the activists do. To him life was more important than ideologies or fixations over some political notion regardless what how precious it is.

Mark always understood the hardships involved in bringing up nations and always supported the vision that Egyptians chose for themselves for the future. He criticized and was criticized by many of the human rights groups who we stood firmly against as a colossus fending for Egyptians’ choices and causes.

A small glance at Mark Kirshner’s twitter account or Facebook page would reveal a man’s true passion towards life and everything beautiful about it from music to painting or sculpture to fashion, Mark was passionate about the beauty of life and human. He was a true resilient and tough New Yorker who possessed a keen eye on the aesthetics of life.

This is not simply a loss of a great human, philanthropist, lawyer or community activist but a loss of a great friend of Egypt and the entire Middle Eastern region. Kirshner actually cared about the region and believed that peace is attainable and love between nations of different creeds, races and ideologies is not impossible but within reach if we know how. Mark was a true American patriot who never lost compass of loving his country while maintaining love and respect for the rest of the world.

Mark’s sudden death on December 12th 2016, has struck deeply in the hearts of his friends and social media follows who mourn him all across the world online. Mark may have died but he opened the eyes of many across the world on the splendors of the arts and culture like no else did online.

He passed away in Egypt, a country he loved and cherished its people and history. Before his untimely death, he divulged to me that he planned to move and settle in Egypt in the near future. Unfortunately, fate as much as life can be really cruel and has taken its toll before he realized that dream , yet he passed away in the land he treated as his second home from home.

Mark’s death has already turned one of the worst years even into an even worse year. Rest in peace dear friend and brother, knowing that you will be forever always in our heart and minds. May your memory be as immortal as the land you spent your last good moments in and may his family knows that Mark was truly loved and respected all over the world who are all is praying for his good soul to rest in peace.



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