Trump’s Final Solution

Sowing a divide into an already divided nation. Obama and Bush paved the way for the division and Donald Trump is dividing the American nation the longer he continues in the Presidential race. The man who appeared as a breath of Fresh air in the American political spectrum is succumbing to blatant bigotry, racism, sexism and cheap shots against anyone whom he deems as an adversary.

For decades, Donald Trump has survived within the boundaries of the media as a joke or a foulmouthed brash businessman with a lot of flair for show business. His success as a TV personality in the TV reality Show “The Apprentice” didn’t change the fact he was hardly ever taken seriously by the nation. Many would actually take Donald Duck more seriously than Donald Trump ever do as a result of antics and follies such the silly and distasteful appearances in videos like these:-

Nevertheless, thanks to the ill-fated Birther case against President Obama questioning the truth of the President’s birthplace and if he was actually born in Kenya or Hawaii, he became an unexpected voice for Obama opposition though most even within the ranks of the GOP took him seriously. However, he became a vocal opponent of Obama’s policies domestic and internationally which earned him the support all through the years of Obama’s failed presidency.

Only when Trump actually nominated himself for presidency and presided the more known and experienced Republican Nominees , it became apparent that he has to be taken seriously not as just a potential candidate for presidency but as a potential danger for the American Values and the very fabric of society.

Donald Trump Anti- Muslims Statements and “Final Solution”

The latest statements of Donald Trump suggesting a “Temporary” Ban on the travelling and immigration of Muslims into the United States has hit a nerve within the United States and abroad.  In his attempt to up the ante for his presidential candidacy, trump thought of taking matters further by banning Muslims entirely whether forming a potential threat like the Muslims Brotherhood, ISIL or Al Qaeda, or the majority of the Muslims who travel to the United States as workers, professors, students, professionals, researchers, etc..

Donald Trump in suggesting that was addressing his most radical rightwing constituency and informing them that he is willing to go further for America’s security way beyond any other context or political correctness include religions and races.

Trump at one moment seemed to mimic one mad German leader who lived by the name of Adolf Hitler and suggested a Final Solution that would end the existence of Jews in Germany by exterminating them in concentration camps. The rest is history known to everyone. However,it’s an exaggeration and offensive to compare the statements of Trump to the crimes of Hitler but all mass murderers started their madness sprees with heated hatred speeches and suggestions such as that of  Donald Trump. The followers of each mad leader usually take care of the business of killing and segregation in his name and by his blessings.

Every now and then a great nation gets plagued by a leader who takes that nation into an abyss where there is no return. The United States cannot afford to be the latest great nation to experience that. Laws of Apartheid has been revoked since the Civil Rights Act of 1964  and it is unfathomable for a country that prides itself as being a beacon for freedom to even accept the notion of mimicking such laws even by a far distance under any pretext.

Trump usually displays a demeanor of a blunt pragmatic businessman who takes no heed in consequences for the sake of obtaining more financial rewards. Donald Trump always bragged on using the law for tax exemptions and is blunt about it believing that it is part of the system everyone can exploit. He makes money by claiming to adapt to the American laws without any moral deterrent.Accordingly, If Donald Trump would have lived in the mid 18th century he probably would have worked as a slave trader yet brag about it for being a law abiding citizen who didn’t breach any laws back then!

Unfortunately, his bigotry and lack of common tact and intelligence is paving the way forHillary Clinton most likely win since she will appear as the only sane choice that can keep the nation from further drifting apart, at least in the eyes of the neutrals and non-politically oriented Americans. She seems to be given the way for victory on a golden platter should Trump win the Republican race.

Unfortunately, What was deemed as a gift to the GOP in the form of a reinvigorating figure of Donald Trump with all his shortfall became a nightmare of a curse on the integrity and credibility of the Great Old Party. A wave of denouncements and condemnations from the Republican Presidential Candidates and party leaders have followed his statements. A party that had the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln as the First Republican President became the playing ground for the likes of Donald Trump turning it into a branch of the KKK only this time targeting Muslims and not African Americans.  Trump is certainly not an Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower or Ronald Reagan, his very existence in a Presidential race on the Republican ticket is tarnishing the legacy of these great leaders.

Trump addressed many confused Americans who because of many years of Media and political manipulation do not know the difference between Islamism (Political Islam) and Islam or the difference between Islamists and Muslims. Like a typical greedy politician he exploited the ignorance of some of his followers and decided to drop the bomb on everyone by becoming more radical bigot than any presidential hopeful could ever be since the early 20th century.

Maybe Trump within his limited vision believed that these kinds of statements will fly but the truth is that racism and bigotry is hardly ever forgotten. He can refer to countless of beloved celebrities, actors or media figures that lost their following and careers along with their respect for simply saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Nevertheless, for a man who has been camera friendly for the past 2 decades thanks to countless programs he anchored or appeared as a guest in, Trump knows exactly what he is saying. There is no point of diluting his words under pretext that he is always misunderstood or being hunted by the media. In fact, he gets more media attention positive or negative more than the rest of the candidates combined.

Trump never explained to his supporters why is he investing huge money in predominantly Muslim countries such as the  United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar if he is so afraid of being around Muslims. He did not suggest what he would do to the hundreds of billions of dollars invested by Arabs and Muslims in the United States as individuals and governments. Will he send back that money to them or will he commit a political piratical offense and confiscate them as well? How about diplomats of over 50 predominantly Muslims countries will they be disallowed to enter the United States or visit the United Nations headquarters in New York? Should the Americans in all the Muslim predominantly countries working there for decades in all sorts of professions be summoned back as well?  Will Muslims in the United States be forced to wear “Yellow Badges” similar to the Judenstern (Jewish Star badge)  on their arms just like Nazis did to Jews in Nazi Germany?

The list of questions is endless and of course, Trump will not answer them or dare to because it will reveal that he is not as smart or witty as he tries to portray himself to the American public.

He intentionally neglects the positive role of Muslims in the United States with many of celebrities, scientists, educators, academics, artists, Military personnel, doctors, etc.. being Muslim . These list include some of the most well known and beloved celebrities in the United States including :

Athletes such as Mohamed Ali, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Shaquille O’Neil and Ahmed Rashad. Artists such as Ice Cube, Busta Rhyms, Everlast , The Game, Dave Chappele , Lewis Arquette, Ellen Burstyn, Akon, Mos Def, Shohreh Aghdashloo and Said Taghmaoui.  Physians such as Dr. Mehmet Oz (Dr.OZ) . Scientists such as Egyptian born American Nobel Laureate Dr. Ahmed Zuweil. Models such as Iman and Rima Fakih . All of these celebrities among hundreds others along with millions  of other American Muslims in every sector have contributed positively  and successfully to the United States in their own fields . They will not accept their peer Muslims to be treated as second-class citizens to satisfy the urge of raving businessperson quest for Presidential glory.  Dozens of Millions of other non-Muslim freedom loving Americans do support them and denounce the Trump bigotry and tomfoolery.

Obama nightmarish presidency and political void:

The rise of a controversial political figure such as Donald Trump reflects on the prevailing feeling for an unquestionable need for change by the American people after a 2 term failed presidency of President Barack Obama. The incredible disappointments, weak policies , loss of US standing among other nations in his presidency, left the American nation for a need for Strongman to rule regardless of how brash or qualified he is to change the tide in the US favour again. It will be hardly arguable that Obama failed most of his followers in the past 7 years in most fronts. Obama’s personal achievement as a president maybe his improved Golf Swing. A sport he seems addicted to. Along comes Trump in his fake shining armour at a time with one of the weakest lineup of Presidential candidates in Both the Democratic and Republican parties of all the same.

Trump didn’t have to perform an incredible effort to win many polls as the front running candidate. He is backed by his own full cash coffers to buy any TV advertisements durations he need. At the same time, he seemed to be saying the right things that many Americans seemed to be missing from Obama rhetoric which seems lame at best. Nevertheless, Trump couldn’t help being himself and while a snarly comment or a silly remark may have a pass from an unstable businessman in a TV show. The same can’t be said about the frontrunner of America’s Republican Presidential Candidate.

Trump started his presidential with bigoted remarks about Hispanics and Immigrants from Mexico and other South American countries calling them Killers, rapists and other racist slurs. His path of destruction continues to target women with sexist comments addressed to a Fox News anchor  Megyn Kelly during an official Republican candidates debate. He continues to take racist cheap shots against Candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush for having a Mexican Wife Mrs. Columba Bush then mocking his presumed silence on crimes committed by some Hispanic immigrants. Regardless of the racism and insanity of the attack from Trump on Bush, it simply displays how far he can stoop to reach his goal.

Moreover, Many praised Trump for saying what others don’t dare to say which can be a great trait for a writer, a journalist or within the circle of friends. But that trait within political circles let alone presidential ones creates disasters and wars.  Middle East tyrants like deceased Saddam Hussein, Moamar Qaddafi and the new madman in town Turkey’s Erdogan are famous for speaking their minds in public forums and speeches. The end result is wars, economic collapse and total destruction of their countries with Erdogan walking on that path right now. The United States cannot afford a Qaddafi or a Saddam Hussein to run the country in order to appease many disgruntled Americans who feel betrayed by Obama’s presidency terrible policies and lack of achievements. The United States was a front for the free world during the Cold War and cannot succumb to hate speech by its front runner


Contrary to any runner for a leadership position or office, from the School Student Union in all the way to Presidential elections,Trump attempts to offend one sector of society at a time instead of garnering their support to his cause.

Donald Trump loses the respect of a new segment of the American society and even abroad nearly every time he conducts a speech. Usually, candidates for any elections seek to expand the sphere of their support or approval when addressing their targeted constituency. But not Donald Trump as his reverse method seems to be prevailing and surprisingly enough he is gaining some momentum maintaining his number one position in Republican Presidential candidates as of December 10th 2015.

Trump is Bluffing and threatening the Republican Party officials and leaders that he can run as an independent nominee if they keep on criticizing his reckless behavior. The Great Old Party is urged to call his bluff and strip him from the legitimacy of being a frontrunner of their party and using their media, coffers and nationwide credibility to continue his freak show. The GOP through over 150 years in existence has witnessed some of the greatest founding politicians and Presidents the United States has witnessed. Donald Trump only stains such a record and doesn’t add to the history or the prestige of the party. It may be time to see how far Donald Trump will reach without the support of the party.

Donald Trump has always felt he can buy his way out of any situation and somehow he feels he can actually buy not just the Presidency but actually buy America. Despite he is not the richest American or even close to attaining that. Comparing him to other great rich and philanthropist Americans like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Facebook Creator Mark Zuckerberg Donald Trump gives rich people a bad name. He is happier being the typical, loathed carefree billionaire that now has his eyes on America as his grand prize and trophy. Why be content with 10 Billion dollars when you have the richest country and its mighty Military Arsenal at your hands? The power hungry politician will not stop at anything to be in the front headlines and in the spotlights.

Trump existence as a potential Republican candidate serves as a reminder that even long standing democracies can suffer from a void of electable candidates. That result in the surfacing of potential hazardous overambitious political candidates that could lead great disasters. The potential rise in fascism could take place in any country and through democratic elections too in the post Millennium era. A bigoted president is a recipe for disaster, racial tensions and sometimes civil wars.

The United States of America is on the edge of completely losing its status as a superpower, or at least massively receding in that direction should the same policies of both George Bush and Barack Obama continue to prevail. However, it is in more danger of facing a world that will be entirely hostile to its policies should the likes of Donald Trump reach the Oval office.

One cannot envy the American voter as they are bisect on all sides by candidates that have been part of the current political failure such as Hilary Clinton and others who are bound to creating even bigger disasters such as Donald Trump. These controversial figures exist in all societies and feed on the fears of the citizens from an unstable and distorted future.

Trump and some of his overzealous supporters are endorsing his latest wave of hate speech have forgotten what made American the greatest nation of the 20th century which is being the melting pot of all nations, creeds, ethnicities and ideologies. Most of the United States population with the exception of Native Americans is descendants from immigrants.

It is very understandable that due to the economic struggles of the United States that immigration laws should be adjusted to regulate the influx of immigration to tailor the current status of American economy and its needs. However, targeting one ethnicity, racial group or religion by such laws is insane and bigoted in every sense of the world. It will certainly not solve the United States problems but certainly magnify them to an unprecedented expense.

Trump’s suggestion to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the USA as part of his dimwitted nature may have him believe that it will Make America Great Again as his campaign slogan says. Actually, the result of such a plan will make America small, divided and lost. No respectable investor, creative mind or researcher in the right sense will approach the United States if the believes for a split second that it is led by a President who ignorantly stereotypes nations, ethnicities based on the actions of organized criminals and terrorists that belonged to that nation or ethnic group.   Trump comments is consistent with the stereotyping attitude towards Muslims in Media and Political circles had for decades and the mix between Islam and Islamism continues to prevail.

America doesn’t need a Trump or his ilk to make it great. America is still great and will always be great just as long as Americans continue what they do best which is innovation, creativity and maintaining their open mindedness, tolerant and industrious nature.  America didn’t become a great nation because it had a wall surrounding its strength

Due to Trump foolish statements, the Muslim Brotherhood franchise labeled CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) AKA Muslim Brotherhood embassy in the USA , is pretending to be the defender of Muslims in the United States with a lot of vigor. Such Islamist representing the Muslim Brotherhood will feed on such nonsensical, arrogant and ignorant statements. Now CAIR can pretend to be victimized and lure more sympathy from the Muslim Brotherhood sympathetic media in the USA.

Trump didn’t have the courage to call upon the US Congress to form a Committee investigating the role of the C.I.A and its operatives. In funding Terrorists and Jihadist terrorist in Iraq and Syria to clamp down on Bashar Regime. These CIA operatives with the blessing of the Obama administration did not stop at funding but went further into sending supervisors and trainers along with weapons that ended in Al Qaeda and ISIL (DAESH). Should have the courage to dig deeper he will find that the security apparatus failure in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan has helped to exacerbate the terrorism threat against the United States and the rest of the world.

Finally, Trump continues to forget that the United States victory over Communist Soviet Union was not a result of a great military victory similar to that on the Nazis in WWII but as a result of moral victory for personal freedom values on those of communism and what followed it of 7 decades of oppression in the 20th century worldwide. The United States presidential race should never be a forum for media clowns and ambitious adventurers as the stakes are too high for its citizens and the rest of the world.

Donald Trump seems to have issues with a wide assortment of races, creeds and even women. He is a gift for all Islamists and Jihadists who are still foolishly preaching hatred towards the United States. The average Muslims and Christians are stuck between such nonsense and mad extremism that will lead to further frictions and wars. Great leaders should unite nations not divide them, hence, it is time to #DumpTheTrump


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