Friday the 13th Terrorism: France Faces the Real Horror

Gone are the days that Friday the 13th is about an Urban Legend of a presumably ominous horror night followed by friends gathering to watch the famous serial killer Jason Voorhees in the cult classic Friday the 13th series.  As of Friday the 13thNovember 2015, it will always be remembered as a true ominous night of horror for France and the rest of the world due to the occurrence on one of the most horrific and orchestrated terrorist attacks to take place in Europe.

The November 13th 2015 horrific acts of terrorism in Paris could be considered as the worst of its type in post World War II Europe not just in terms of the victim tally, but also due to the precision and the magnitude of the targets that were hit simultaneously. The terrorist group labeled ISIL (DAESH) or Islamic State in Iraq and Levant has claimed the responsibility for the deadly attack that killed 129 and injured over 300 others in a night of horror.

Beginning at 21:20 CET, three suicide bombers struck near the Stade de France in Saint-Denis during an International Football game between France and Germany attended by President Holland himself. The strike followed by suicide bombings and mass shootings at cafés, restaurants and attack on the Batacalan famous music venue and theater in Paris.If it wasn’t for the heightened security around the Stadium due to the presence of the French President Hollande who attended and the braveness of some of the security guards around the Stadium, this could have turned into a massacre of an unprecedented magnitude.

The self proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks claiming saying it was in retaliation for the French airstrikes on ISIL targets in Syria and Iraq.  The President of France, François Hollande, said the attacks were an act of war on France by ISIL. This act of war according to the French President was planned in Syria, organized in Belgium, and perpetrated with French complicity indicating French citizens being among the main culprits.

The French President responded to the terrorist attack with a declaration of total war on ISIL in France and all over the world and a vow to end every last ISIL fighter in the world.Hollande also declared a full state of emergency that can extend for over 3 months with a total lockdown on Paris over the weekend that followed the terrorist attacks.During his speech in the French Parliament the days afterwards He made a clear distinction between the killers he is fighting along with other civilized nations and between Muslims in a civilized stance from President Hollande who has over 6 Million French Muslims living as Citizens. Wisely, enough he managed to rally the overwhelming majority of French Muslims behind him in a fight against an enemy though claiming to be of the same religion as theirs but they could not be a more fearsome enemy for the French Muslims.

For many decades being the most secular European nation, France have enjoyed a high degree of tolerance towards people of all faiths especially Muslims. France has over 2300 mosques all across the country. Unfortunatelyin the past 2 decades, a percentage of these mosques have fallen into the hands of Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabbi Islamists who have been radicalizing the Muslim community for decades. Many consecutive French governments have been mostly treading lightly on the issue of radicalization within its own Muslim community believing that if they deal seriously with it, it could lead to civil disturbances and clashes within the French community in general while alienating the Muslim minority.

The end result of that policy was a rampant spread of radical Islamists from North and West Africa along with French born citizens all across France. They all found the right circumstances and atmosphere to foster their lethal ideologies that justifies the killings of anyone except of the adherents of their radical Wahhabi doctrine.

Moreover, there are no words that can elaborate on the extreme emotions and feelings of the French people who suffered from an engulfing wave of grief, horror, anger and pain. The shock of being attacked by madmen in the very streets of your peaceful capital during a perfectly good evening or watching a football game is unforgettable.

France Strike Back:

A catastrophe with the magnitude of the Paris attacks warranted a major strike back from the French State. Draconian measures immediately had been taken and hundreds of raids on homes, mosques and suspects hideouts all across France took place immediately after the attack and resulted in tens of arrests. In a matter of a few hours, Paris was on lockdown over the weekend and only European Nationals were allowed despite the terrorists carried French and European passports Mostly. Added to that a major raid and apprehensions has targeted hundreds of Islamists suspects and Jihadists. Even political activists were placedunder house arrest in certain cases such as during the organization. France has never been breached in such a manner since the Nazi invasion of France in the Second World War. Once again the French State with all its great heritage and cultural value is placed under a very stringent test, one that state and people cannot afford to lose.

The French security officers have managed to kill and apprehend hundreds of terrorists and suspects with a few days of the attack. Many of these terrorists including the Mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud were killed after some brutal gun battles that took place in the streets of Paris. However , as days passed the French Police managed to absorb the shock of the Friday 13th and conduct surgical strikes on terrorists all across the nation. The security breach that resulted in the occurrence of such atrocity is being rectified and new security plans is being implemented by the French authorities. The plans look initially very draconian but one can’t help but to understand the gravity of the challenge faced by the French authorities along with other European nations targeted by ISIL and other terrorists groups.

 French pain is shared by the world and particularly Egyptians :

The entire world has witnessed in great shock the horrendous attacks in Paris but there are nations that has been suffering from such attacks from many years. If there is one nation that really feels the grief of the French Nation and people, it has to be the Egyptian one that is being on the frontline of the current war on Terrorism. Since 1940s Egyptians have suffered under the scourge of terrorism waged by the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organization. Even since June 30th 2013 revolution Egyptians has been suffering from the attacks of the same organizations and its offspring such the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Gamaa Al Islamiya, Ansar Beit Al Maqdes and now the so called ISIL.

The very same organizations that have been targeting France and the rest of the European countries have been taking the lives of innocent Egyptians amidst massive silence from Western Media. Western Media outlets who are shedding tears now because of the attacks on Paris have been criticizing the Egyptian government and other Middle Eastern countries for fighting the same types of terrorists who attacked France.

Hundreds of Egyptians died in similar terrorist attacks on Civilian targets that included bus stations, stadiums, checkpoints etc. Hardly most of these lost lives were good enough to be acknowledged by Western Media and most of the Western politicians adopted policies in the Middle East is flaming the situations in countries like Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iraq. As a result terrorists like ISIL gained footholds that enabled them to organize attacks not just in the Middle Eastern countries but in Europe itself. Accordingly. On the wake of the Friday 13th of November 2015 the worst reality check possible came in the form of the worst terrorist attacks on European soil.

Needless to mention, that if a fraction of the security measures taken by the French government were taken by an Middle Eastern country such as Egypt all hell would have broken loose in Western Media including the French one. Non Profit Organizations (NGOs) and other so self-proclaimed Human Rights organizations would have traditionally neglected the bloodshed caused by terrorists and the hundreds of lives they claimed and focused on the oppression caused by the Egyptian government.

These organizations would even go further on citing some of the very perpetrators of violence and terrorism like Muslim Brotherhood members and portray them as an oppressed group. Cries for human rights violations would have been rampant and the western media would feel very elated to label the Middle Eastern county performing even less stringent security measures as a Military dictatorship.

When considering the casualties of terrorism attacks, the case with Egypt always rings a bell judging by the fact that since June 30th 2013 till December 2015 , Egyptians have lost more than 15 times the number of victims of the Friday the 13th attacks. These victims include civilians, police officers, army personnel, judges and journalists. Moreover, the attacks that took place in France would be considered another day at the office to what is happening daily in Syria and Iraq as such numbers would be an average day casualty as the results of the endless attacks by what is labeled as Syrian “Opposition” or jokingly Moderate Opposition. These so called opposition are usually Moderate terrorists in the form of militant Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda elements.

The Western media and periodicals are still not ashamed to call terrorists in Egypt and across the Middle East as armed opposition, insurgents or Freedom Fighters. They usually use the same descriptions on Islamist militants in other Middle Eastern countries such as Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon and Libya.

One can imagine if Egyptian and Syrian media have hypothetically labeled the terrorists committing the horrendous attacks in France as “opposition” of the French regime, insurgents or freedom fighters especially most of them carries French and European citizenships!

That would have been vile description and even supportive for terrorism along with other descriptions but the sad truth is that the western media especially the American, British and German media have been doing just that throughout their coverage of the terrorist attack in Egypt , Syria, etc.. in Middle East for the past years. Can the western reader even begin to imagine how the average citizen in the Middle Eastern citizen feels towards their media and politicians?

Most of the western media coverage of the terrorist attacks in the Middle East attempts to single out the Muslim Brotherhood global organization from orchestrating the terrorist acts while neglecting the fact that almost every single one of the terrorist organizations including Al Qaeda, ISIL, Islamic Jihad is a franchise of the Muslim Brotherhood group and even the leaders of these organizations were once members of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Thousands upon thousands are dying as a result of mindless violence orchestrated by ISIL which is one of the vilest groups to appear in recorded history. This group was left to flourish in almost in Syria, Iraq and Libya with new smaller franchises appearing in Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia , Kuwait. Thanks to Turkish regime Support they have the Oil revenue that will keep ISIL afloat till the Russians dry them financially and bombard them to smithereens. The Egyptian government in alliance with Libyan elected government is assisting in dismantling the ever growing ISIL presence in Libya which if left unchecked will find a foothold in South Europe. France right now is among the frontrunners in the fight against ISIL but the French Government is urged not to make the same mistake as other Western countries of targeting ISIL without touching the real root of all evil which is the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Syrian cities witness similar atrocities every day by terrorists who slaughter Syrian civilians without remorse. Added to that, the extreme human rights violations including slavery, rape , mass murder all done by the ISIL group and witnessed worldwide and yet the Syrian government still gets most of the blame for the situation. No doubt that the Syrian regime is an autocratic one but it is the best chance to defeat this virus in Syria before spreading further all across the world. The Syrian civil war ceased to be a war for freedom for several years since Islamists and Jihadists have entered the fray backed by USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey along with multiple other countries

Islamists’ and Jihadists’ ambitions were never about freedom and democracy but on the contrary, they were all about establishing a global Caliphate where they claim that through it peace and justice will prevail in the world. It will not require a Harvard degree to know that this claim or ambition is the worst form of dark comedy.

Time and again NGOs , Journalists and so called Septic Tanks (Think Tanks) have filled papers, books and airwaves with claims that it is due to oppression in Islamic countries that Islamists movements resort to violence and terrorism. They claimed that once “Oppressive” regimes are ousted Islamists will mingle with the rest of society and establish democratic governments. Turkey, Gaza, Iran totally debunk this fragile theory with proof that once Islamists reach the upper tier of power they will never descend without a really hard fight. Moreover, the attacks on Paris are a testament that terrorism is not caused due to oppression or lack of freedom of speech since France is not an oppressive country by any means. In fact, these assailants enjoy the fruits of the French citizenship and the freedom of life in France yet their dark ideologies prevailed in the end.

Identifying and facing the real enemy

The challenge facing the Western countries leaderships is separating Muslims from Islamists and it is not hard as most analysts think. The Islamists will never acknowledge the freedoms provided by democracy and international law charters while averageMuslims shall embrace it wholeheartedly.

If the confusion continues to prevail further, then the task of Western Societies to fight terrorism will be so daunting and completely unattainable. Their real war will have to be against Islamists and not Muslims or Islam. The difference is between fighting a war against a few million Islamists worldwide and fighting the same war with nearly 1800 million Muslims. The former is a winnable war that will uproot the evil that is exemplified in the radical Wahhabi Islamists ideologies and behavior, the latter is a mad unwinnable war against 1/5th of the World Population and the Second largest Religion in the world. The choice is clear as crystal but somehow it is still distorted in the eyes of Western Politicians and media alike. Luckily enough more and more enlightened Westerners among the general populace know the difference that their intelligentsia fails to acknowledge.

At the same time, The European and North American Leftists still can’t disassociate themselves from the unholy alliance that they have forged with the Muslim Brotherhood global organization and its franchises in Europe and North America. Till this moment, they have no idea what sort of plaque they brought home when they gave legitimacy, protection and support to Islamist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood. They even propped up tyrannical regimes like the Turkish one and called it a model to be followed by other predominantly Muslim countries. They kept a blind eye towards the massive infringements of Human Rights for both citizens and Journalists alike by the Receb Tayeb Erdogan regime

It is a proven fact now that, Without Erdogan and his security apparatus the possibility of the expansion of ISIL would have been minimal and Jihadists won’t have had the training and means to become stronger and more vicious in the past few years. The footages released by the Russian Defense ministry in December 2nd 2015 displaying the countless Oil Tankers smuggling Syrian oil through the Turkish borders and sold to Turkish authorities in favour of ISIL is a proof of the Turkish government involvement with ISIL since the beginning of the struggle.

Moreover, A decade of wars, political blunders and tomfoolery by USA and its European allies have created the worst possible scenario imaginable in the Middle East. As the European citizens are getting their fair dose of what their “Elected” politicians have committed in their namesand now they have to endure the backlash of these policies.

Furthermore, there will be never be any form of real democracy without security . “Safety First” should be our motto and our target. Dead people as a result of violence and terrorism will never enjoy freedom, life or any form of democracy. On the contrary the less secure we are the more we will be hindered from our basic rights of enjoying life and choosing our paths for living because we will always be under stress and fear from being attacked at anytime.

The Question remains when will Americans and European leaders, Politicians ,Journalists learn that without security no facet of life can be enjoyed or performed. Without security democracy is a meaningless word since freedom of speech and freedom of expression will not be utilized by citizens under constant threat of terrorism and death. Once again, Dead people never enjoy the fruits of democracy and hence protecting their lives is the first step towards a proper democracy.

Friday 13th attacks have opened the eyes of Europeans towards what is taking place in the Middle East usually portrayed by their Media as a power struggle or a fight for democracy against tyrannical regimes. While most regimes in the Middle East are hardly Jeffersonian Democrats they cannot be placed in the same sentence as the cutthroats thugs and mass murdering Wahabbi terrorists calling themselves ISIL , Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Beit Al Maqdes, etc.. These groupsall stem from the same root which is Wahabbism which is the virus originated from Saudi Arabia and became viral all across the worlds spreading terrorism, death , backwardness and mayhem.

The regimes that has been protecting such terrorists and fostering them all across the world like the Saudi, Turkish and Qatari regimes should be placed responsible for the deaths they have spread all across the 4 corners of the world. There can be no playing nice with Islamists under pretext of freedom of speech or fear of being labeled Islamophobe. Supporting governments and countries fighting terrorism like in the case of Egypt, Libya , Lebanon, Tunisia Iraq, UAE, Jordan and even Syria is a paramount step to protect the rest of the world from the impending death that is creeping all across the world major cities.

Democracy alone is not always the magic solution for all the world’s problems because Democracy while being a wonderful concept, it is similar to beauty which is only in the eyes of the beholder. Meaning that what transpires as democracy in the United States can be viewed as a flawed democracy in Finland and Norway. The vile Iranian regime can always maintain that they have elected officials though their elections are simply a choice of different types of Mullahs and a wide range of theological governance. Therefore, democracy must be presented in a package that includes freedoms, education, economic stability and security in order for it to flourish and prosper.

Accordingly, the focus should start on combating the extremist ideologies and banning all forms of propagation, support or financing of these ideologies under any pretext all across the globe. Wahhabism is the curse of the planet in the early 21th century much like Nazism was in the early 20th century. Unlike Nazism which was confined in the Northern European Countries particularly Germany, Wahhabism is spread across the globe through missionaries and mosques funded by Saudi Arabian organizations. While the Saudi Government has taken measures to counter some extremist ideologies as they became themselves victims of terrorism in the last 2 decades, these measures will always fall short as long as the State adopts and spreads Wahabism as its main doctrine of Islam.

As long as Wahhabism gains ground in Europe , France and the rest of the Western countries along with all the civilized nations are in deep peril. The terrorists of the 21st century are more sophisticated in terms of training and terrorism methods thanks to new technologies creating a much difficult challenge in comparison to the 1980s and 1990s waves of terrorism. The United Nations which has been at its weakest era under the leadership of South Korean Secretary General Pan Ki Mon, need to step up its efforts and adopt new international regulations banning all forms of support or financing of Extremist ideologies and even equating Wahhabism to Nazism as a banned ideology.

Finally, predominantly Muslim countries have to adopt what the Egyptian government initiated of a complete revision and reformation of Islamic teachings by  separating the original message of Islam from the lethal ideologies that followed in later centuries. Also these countries along with the western ones should unequivocally ban all Islamist groups and its franchises. This would mean dismantling the web of terrorism supporting groups like Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Jabhat Al Nusra and fronts of such groups like Islamic Relief and CAIR. Muslims have the heavy lifting in this war on terrorism to do as they have to put the western leaders who supported these Islamist groups like Obama to shame.

A war on terrorism is similar to the war on drugs. The war on drugs is war on the addiction of these drugs and the producers of these narcotics. One cannot be fought efficiently without fighting the other. In a similar manner, the war on terrorism is fighting the ideology of the Wahhabism included in the creed of all the Islamist terrorists worldwide and all its propagators like Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda , ISIL. Without operating on both fronts , the war on terrorism will never be won or reach any form of victory in the foreseeable future.

Let the blood that was spilled in the horrific day of Friday the 13th of November 2015 never go in vain. The only method to avenge the victims is by learning the lessons from the mistakes committed in yesteryears to avoid further innocent bloodshed.

The French nation is no stranger to fighting Fascism whether political like the Nazis in WWII or Religious like ISIL and Al Qaeda . France has been a forefront in fighting fascism and is more than capable of retaliating and protecting its ground but that will require a different mindset and identifying the enemy clearly and without any further political correctness. Only then, terrorism will be curbed and defeated.


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