KILL ISIL (Director’s Cut)

The cinematically rendered scenes witnessed in every brutal video clip released by the 21st century most bloodthirsty terrorist group (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ISIL) or ISIS warrants a similar cinematic title in tribute to movie ingenious director Quentin Tarantino’s hit movie “Kill Bill”.
Unlike the great action movie, this bloodthirsty cinematic footages does not involve any entertainment though apart from the “snuff films” enthusiast of course.. It is the most obnoxious display of brutality that can be captured with a video camera. The high quality of the production just displays the sadistic nature of the terrorist who took their time to shoot and professionally direct one of the most horrific scenes in recent memory.

The footages blatantly demonstrate the level of demonic inhumanity that characterizes ISIL and their ilk in the face of anyone who does not believe in their sickening ideologies. 21 Egyptian workers were killed in cold blood in Libya.While the massacre received worldwide condemnation, the regular lackluster reactions from the international community still characterize the western mainstream media and governments towards such massacres. This contradicts the same attention given to allegations of human rights abuses or imprisonment sentences for rioters and vandals who are usually given much coverage in mass media than killing of Egyptian civilians by terrorists inside and outside Egypt.

For example an activist by the name of Ahmed Doma who was indicted by a court for torching a historical science museum and received an imprisonment sentence. He was described as a revolutionary hero who was oppressed by the regime despite he actually confessed publicly of his crime. Similar occurrences have been covered and attention was usually given for so-called revolutionaries who broke the laws repeatedly than actual victims of terrorism in Egypt.
It is widely believed that there is an estimated 1 million Egyptians working in Libya. Many of them or are married and still residing in Libya thus an evacuation plan has been activated to all Egyptians seeking return to the homeland via air, sea or land.

The Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi upon the verification of the death of the 21 Egyptians, who happened to be Christian Copts, has convened the Egyptian national Security Council. The Council have unanimously have voted to conduct surgical airstrikes on ISIL camps and storage depots that results in a huge losses among headquarters located in the Libyan coastal town of Derna. The attacks have been much more successful in terms of result than most of the Alliance against ISIL in Syria airstrikes have been in months.

Thanks to an unrelenting wave of terrorism, post June30th2013 revolution,Egypt is not a happy place though seemingly a proud and defiant one. Almost 2000 of citizens, police officers and military men have been killed or wounded in a wave of blind bloodthirsty madness. That wave aims to target average Egyptians for revolting against the Muslim Brotherhood reign of blood as a target. Egyptian Army and Police force who stood defiant to Morsi and only bending to the will of Egyptians became the other target.

The Obama administration Historical Blunders:

At the current moment, Egypt is not formulating its new strategy for the war on terrorism plans based on the blessing of the weakest American administration in recent memory. The same American administration who had in February 2015, shamelessly invited the representatives of the Egyptian banned terrorists group of the Muslim Brotherhood to the State Department and conducting close door negotiations with them.

Yet the same administration has the audacity to declare that it is fighting terrorism worldwide and seeking a 3 year mandate to eliminate ISIS. It is noteworthy that it took 5 years for the World to eliminate the strongest war machine that the 20th century ever witnessed comprised in the Axis alliance (Germany, Japan and Italy). To be more precise, the USA involvement in the war that changed the tide of battle only lasted less than 4 years from December 7th 1941 till Japan’s surrender in September 2nd 1945. Great empires were defeated in a similar timing that is requested by the Obama administration to carry on attacks on ISIS. Most military experts believe that it is exaggerated to require 3 years to fight a group of terrorists armed with mostly light weapons , some artillery , SUVs and light tanks mostly captured after the Iraqi army withdrew from their position in Mosul. But the other side of the coin is that the Obama administration wants to utilize this war on ISIL politically and to attempt to garner some support domestically and internationally.

It has been a proven fact that as long as the current US adminstration is treating the war on terrorism with an aim to acquire business and acquiring political gains. As a result, terrorism will only flourish but will expand not just in the Middle East but also all over the world.
The Obama adminstration is still looking the other way towards the blatant threats from the Muslim Brotherhood towards the Egyptian state and civilians and issuing weak condemnation statements. This continues the trend and the ever frailing relations between Egypt and United States during the Obama era. The ironic part about the Obama administration is that they are trying to be more “Royal than a King”. A blatant example of this is elaborated when Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates who are all predominantly Muslim Countries label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, the Obama administration would reject that and even conduct secretive negotiations with them while labeling them as “Moderates”. Most of the Middle East countries have shunned political Islam (Islamism) including groups like Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists, Jihadists, etc..Yet the Obama administration with the terrorist financiers and supporters’ allies in the Middle East, which are Turkish and Qatari regimes, insist on injecting the Islamists in the political spectrum of these Middle East countries.

Moreover, The Obama administration have reached an agreement with the Islamist Turkish Government led mainly by Muslim Brotherhood affiliates to arm what they called “Moderate Syrian Opposition” to fight the Assad regime in Syria. Since it is up to the Islamist regime of Turkey to choose the warriors and perform the training funded by the United States, it does not require a Rhodes Scholar to do the math to deduct that the Obama administration will be arming Muslim Brotherhood fighters in his desperate attempt to take down the Syrian regime. All of that proves without a shred of a doubt that the world is dealing with an administration that is entirely incapable of learning from its previous mistakes and ever aggravating them as time goes.
After all, the same US administration blessed the fraud elections that shot Muslim Brotherhood Morsi to power under auspices of their former Ambassador in Egypt Anne Patterson. It is the same administration, which is still hosting members of the terrorist group for secret meetings in US State department in February 2015. Days Later after the meeting, the same group declared that they are about to wage an “Uncompromising Jihad” against the Egyptian state and its people. After all they have all the recognition they need now.

The Obama administration that refused to call “Taliban” as terrorists in an insult to all the American, Afghani, Pakistani , British , German, etc lives that perished fighting the bloodthirsty terrorist group. Moreover, according to State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf that providing ISIL with jobs will help defeat terrorism in the Middle East. Apparently, she and her superiors did not receive the memo that most of the ISIL terrorists flew across the world from mostly democratic and prosperous nations like USA, EU and Australia. Also, she forgot the fact, that Al Qaeda founder and deceased leader the “Billionaire” Osama Bin Laden didn’t turn into a grand mastermind terrorist because he was standing for a long time in the unemployment line! This is another insult to the people intelligence and millions of humans who live under poverty line and among extreme living conditions. Yet these poor people work hard every day and would rather die than hurting any other humans.

Egypt’s counter terrorism strategy.

So what can be the grand plan for Egypt and other countries that actually plan to fight Muslim Brotherhood’s militias and ISIL terrorism? To simplify it as much as possible, wage a total war on ISIL fighters wherever they exist and terminate every one of the killers. This is the only possible way to avoid further bloodshed in the ranks of civilians in Egypt or Libya. Repeatedly it has been proven that these mentally unstable ideological fighters don’t believe in peace or mercy and certainly they cannot be treated as civilized warriors.
Military action must be parallel with other diplomatic and economic ones to deplete the financial and arms resources of such groups. ISIS have thrived and nurtured under the pretext of fighting Assad regime in Syria and the main sponsors were the Turkish and Qatari regimes. The same applies to their newly opened franchise in Libya where the incredibly long shores of Libya overlooking the Mediterranean Sea allowed an influx of weapons, personnel and funding to ISIL and other Muslim Brotherhood sponsored groups like Ansar Al Sharia and Fajr Libya.
Egypt has called upon other Arab countries to join in a Military coalition to fight terrorism wherever it existed. The results of that call are not clear since Saudis are still reluctant to act militarily just in case it will affect their ongoing goal of ousting the Assad regime which seems like a further goal as the months pass. The Emiratis are keener to join the coalition despite that the imminent danger on them seems less but they realize that with such groups as ISIL rampant in the Middle East no country is really safe.

By Targeting 21 Egyptians in Libya who happened to be Coptic Christians, ISIL has unleashed a beast and awakened a sleeping giant. This has provided a Casus Belli for the Egyptian authorities who were reluctant to engage in any open armed struggle in Libya for years. But the die was cast and without a proper deterrence and firm response the terrorists would still target more Egyptian innocent lives without discrimination.
The Majority of Egyptians have taken a unanimous decision of ceasing to be victims of terrorism and taking the war to their homes. They have revolted with over 33 million people to dispose an Islamist dictator and elected a leader who is willing to defend the country’s legacy and borders with their blood literally. Egyptians have been mocking Muslim Brotherhood and ISIL terrorists in their talk shows and even remixing ISIL war anthem into funny dance music video clips that are shared over social media to express disdain and defiance against the terrorists and their actions.
Furthermore, The Egyptian administration were correct to attempt to create an international task force and coalition to save the Libyan state from the demise the ISIL and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists left it in. However, the real purpose was to expose the hypocritical administrations especially that of Obama who seem to still in his endless infatuation with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Accordingly, it seems that the Egyptian authorities have realized that it is not worth wasting further time or rationalizing with the current US administration which still considers Muslim Brotherhood as a peace loving “Moderate” group. It is apparent that the Obama administration is still suffering from a severe case of delusion coupled with an extreme psychological case of political correctness that hinders the administration to behold the world and truth as they are. Unfortunately , Egypt and the rest of the world has to brace themselves for the possibility that he same trait may continue should another candidate like Hillary Clinton find herself taking charge of the United States for an upcoming 4-8 years after Obama second term ends.
While the Obama administration was attempting to lure Egypt into the war in Syria against Assad regime and to fight ISIL, it believes that the Egyptian airstrikes in Libya can cause turmoil and jeopardize the what was labeled as the” Libyan peace process”, which the USA has been calling for in vain. However, none of that seems to matter to the Egyptians who actually wanted vendetta along with the aim of deterring a clear and present danger on the western borders with Libya.
Egypt has to be decisive and realize that a future Obama clone administration winning in upcoming US presidential elections in 2016 will not just be unhelpful but will actually hinder Egypt’s enormous efforts to fight terrorism, revitalize the economy and establish a proper Islamists free democratic life.
These challenges undertaken by President Al Sisi along with all Egyptians will never be fulfilled seeking the approval of the Obama administration or a similar one in the near future…After all according to the new Egyptian constitution of 2013 Al-Sisi has only a maximum of two terms so he has to make them count and cement his legacy as Egypt’s savior from Islamists.

The world has witnessed what ISIL aim to do to civilization and their destruction of the priceless statues and artifacts in Mosul Museum in Iraq is a testament of the barbarity of these fighters who want to erase any form of pride of civilization in the Middle East region. About 4500 years old priceless artifacts have vanished forever in a half an hour of barbarity by ISIL. Egypt with its unparalleled wealth of artifacts. Monuments and temples that can be under the mercy of similar barbarian attacks should they be given the chance and not repelled with extreme force.

At the same time, cooperating with other American realistic politicians, congressional representatives, activists and American people is imperative to elaborate why the longstanding Egyptian– American relations has been strained during the Obama administration, ever since the Pro-Obama and leftist media has been broadcasting and publishing fictional stories about Egypt for over 18 months.

Now, the best course of action for Egypt is a pragmatic nationalist one which include extending the hand of cooperation to all sovereign nations of the world who seek to cooperate without preconditions based on mutual interests and respect.
The Egyptian government rejecting the lack of resolve and support by Washington administration has restored its agreements with older allies and arms supplier like Russia France and very likely with China. It is imperative for the Egyptian authorities to take further steps to diversify the purchase of the necessary arms weapons from alternative friendly nations to avoid similar embargos during the ongoing crucial fight on terrorism. Egypt need to update continuously its arsenal to face the ever-growing threats in Libya and the reminiscent of the terrorists in Sinai despite the successes in destroying most of their troops and infrastructure established during the Morsi reign of terror (2012-2013)

The only good news about the ISIL actions and very existence is that the once fabled long awaited Caliphate waited by Islamists and millions others who believed their propaganda are seen without its background romantic stories of justice and equality. Though the Islamic Caliphate is not truly represented in their mindless actions as there were golden eras and eras of decadence during the rule of the Caliphs, it has been proven without a doubt that this political system adhering to medieval traditions and political circumstances is unbefitting the 21st century.

The Caliphate is not very different from the Roman Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Mongols Khanate or The Shogunate of Japan all of which belong to past epochs of human civilization. In other words short of a few Caliphs who ruled justly, Caliphs were not very different than Pharaohs, Caesars, Kaisers, Shoguns, Emperors or Kings . They simply added a religious flavor to their autocratic rule and claimed that they ruled their subjects in the name of God.
For all intents and purposes, Egypt is likely to continue its war on terrorism on the Libyan front along with the Sinai Peninsula one whether that will be suitable for US administration and its allies or not. Since this is a matter of paramount National security to all Egyptians and cannot be conceded diplomatically for any reason. The call for an Arab coalition to repel the ISIL threat along with similar terrorists’ organization is being met with some interest from other Arab nations. However, until that coalition is formulated and capable of actually, there is no alternative on self-reliance on crushing the ISIL virus in Libya in coordination with the elected and Libyan government. Egypt is spearheading the war on Terrorism in the region and not by rhetorical speeches but actual work on Political, Military , Social and even Judiciary levels .

Egypt has the historical opportunity to set the standard for what a modern predominantly Muslim populated nation can be if the nation leadership makes the correct moves. This should be done without reluctance and more importantly without seeking approval of either neighboring countries or backstabbing allies like the Obama administration, this is a historical moment if seized by the current Egyptian administration will help to formulate the 21st century towards
ISIL virus outbreak in the region was left to foster for too long thus giving the vile terrorist group enough time to garner support for like minded psychos from all over the world. That has to stop by all means necessary in order to put an end to this terrorist nightmare in the Middle East soon to reach European shores if not contained immediately. Unfortunately, the viciousness and brutality of ISIL against all its enemies and the cities they sacked renders the Egyptian government and nation with only one basic survival instinct alternative, which is to Kill ISIL!


3 thoughts on “KILL ISIL (Director’s Cut)

  1. Hany, this is a terrific hollywood-style article whcih a movie can be inspired from. You showed a vast area for Egyptian media to learn from.

    Keep enchanting us with your amazing writings.


  2. Hany,you don’t write often these days but when you do,your mind thread gold!
    It is simply brilliant, you managed to put in a few hundred or thousand words a summary of practically all what is happening in our region,
    As you said it took 4-5 to years for the Allies to defeat the World’s then strongest military machine and the Obama admin is asking foe 3 years to take on ISIS,that says all,we can add that the Iraqi army that was thousands times stronger than ISIS was beaten by US army in a month (with years of sanctions of course)
    This US admin,its leftist think tank,its advisers are just a farce,of bad taste
    Egypt will do what it takes to remain Egypt
    Under the leadership of our elected President,who is not only fighting MB,I prefer calling them TB,Terrorism but also going after the root of tis sickness by asking a reform of Islam and cleansing it from the wahabist cancer,by making a historical visit to the Coptic Christians Mass, (I noticed your usual of Coptic Christians as in Egypt we are all coptic) by even having the audacity to recall his neighborhood with jewfish,muslim and christian living in peace
    As Egyptians we must stand by POE Sisi as you said he has only 4-8 years (that not enough)
    Long Live Egypt!


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