ALBAWABA NEWS: Erdoğan and the Great Turkish Divide

What was once falsely portrayed as a model for moderate Islamist parties to follow all around the world, has been recently uncovered for its true nature in Turkey. The AKP which stands for Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (Justice and Development Party) was founded in 2001 as a second generation of successor party to the banned Islamist parties like National Order Party (MNP), the National Salvation Party (MSP), the Welfare Party (RP), the Virtue Party (FP), and the Felicity Party (SP) all of which were formed by the late former Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan (1926-2011) The AKP on the contrary to the above mentioned parties skipped being banned twice by the law and found a loophole to portray itself as secular party in accordance to Turkish constitution and laws.

Unfortunately the truth couldn’t be further, as the years and experience has proven that the Justice and Development party is  still maintaining its ideology as an Islamist party disguised in a secular costume. The AKP party is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood international organization branded as terrorist in many countries like Russia and Egypt.  Regeb Tayeb Erdogan is a member of the international Muslim Brotherhood organization council that pledges allegiance to the General Guide in Egypt . The same can be said about the leaders of the party. Once described as the most moderate Islamist party in the world , the party has been slipping into a direction of fascism and dictatorship in the past few years.

During the AKP reign, Turkey is regarded the biggest prison for Journalists in the world and it has one of the strictest laws in regard of freedom of speech. The Prime minister himself and party having been curbing on Press freedom laws personally and they witch hunt any journalist or writer who dares to criticize Erdogan’s regime.  Erdogan’s have cracked down on countless protests by opposition and police brutality cases have been internationally reported.

The economic development during the reign of Prime Minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan cannot be denied as Turkey has witnessed an economic boom assisted by the circumstances in Iraq after the USA invasion in 2003 as well as the sanctions on the Iranian regime. Erdogan managed to acquire a lot of investments from Arab investors as well as European one who believed that Turkey is one of the safe countries in the region. Despite the apparent safety of Turkey , the country was not far from troubles under Erdogan’s reign. Terrorist Bombing usually attributed to Kurdistani nationalists and separatists namely the PKK party which is banned as a terrorist group by the government as well as incursions in Iraq chasing the same elements of the PKK.

Attributing the Turkish successful economic model in the past decade to the AKP is a fallacy for the close observers. The fact is that AKP have reaped the rewards of decades of planning and construction by former secular parties. They also benefitted from a situation that has struck the entire Middle Eastern region post the second Gulf war in 2003 and the USA invasion to Iraq. Much of the oil was rerouted through Turkish borders to be exported through Turkish ports. This unexpected revenue has helped the Turkish economy to get a needed boost. However, it’s noteworthy that the reformation of the banking system in Turkey has motivated domestic and international investors to expand in the Turkish market.

These sudden successes have alleviated the status of Erdogan and AKP party to high levels domestically and regionally. The successes usually blind people to see the deficiencies in the system and also led Erdogan to develop a significant God complex against his opposition and even against neighbouring country. For some sort of reason, he believes he has the great wisdom to keep advising and interfering in the affairs his country’s neighbors and regional powers like Egypt , Syria , UAE, etc.. as if he attained a form Nirvana in Politics.  Turkey in the past 2 years has been descending into a great divide created by the tomfoolery of Erdogan and encouraged by the overzealous members especially the younger ones. These younger members seem to mimic many of their Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood youth brethren in Egypt and commit violence acts towards all the critics and opposition of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt represented a heavy blow which couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Erdogan and AKP. The blow and the arrest of the terrorist leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt whom he pledges allegiance to  have left Erdogan confused and unbalanced and to started to issue hollow threats against Egyptians and Egypt if they don’t restore the espionage charged former President Morsi.

Furthermore,  he takes his audacity further and hosts several international intelligence agencies meeting with wanted ring leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood International organization to take place in Istanbul. Many of the proud Turkish people have been witnessing their historical “great city of culture” turning slowly and systematically into a city of terrorism hosting wanted shady characters who convene to plot against their neighbours.


Moreover, The Turkish politics have taken a nosedive and the country’s economy as well as image is suffering to a great extent. As it appears, Erdogan’s days are numbered and so that of the AKP party should they organize a clean democratic election but that will be since Islamist regimes like that of Erdogan hardly get voted out as elections gets rigged once they are in power in most cases.

Moreover, the highly publicized corruption scandal that took Erdogan’s cabinet by storm which included his own son among several other members of his cabinet has peeled off the last layer of false piety and moral authority that he claimed for over a decade. The corruption case stirred more protests against the AKP and Erdogan demanding their resignation and early elections. The protests were once again met by extreme violence by Turkish police and security forces amidst a shameful near media blackout by international media outlets that looked the other way.

The Turkish state is facing possibly the greatest divide among its people since the establishment of the modern republic by Turkey’s great leader Kamal Attaturk who set the foundation for a modern state. A State the so called Neo-Ottomans led by Erdogan don’t believe in its pillars and are day dreaming of dismantling in favour of an Ottoman like Caliphate. Their prying eyes are aiming against neighbouring countries that they invaded in the 16th century like Syria, Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula. However, these day dreams are delusional as most of Erdogan’s speeches. The neighbours of Turkey maybe in political turmoil and some may be in a state of civil war like in Syria but they will not allow themselves to be swallowed by Erdogan’s Ambitions.

The same thing can be said about Egypt which is by a strong nationalist regime with its people characterized by heightened sense of patriotism that traces its roots to the pharaohs . Furthermore, the political spectrum is ruled by hawkish politicians, military commanders as well as steadfast nation that doesn’t possess a sense of humour when it concerns national pride or national security . The unfortunate result of Erdogan hostile statements and actions was Egypt decision to call back its Ambassador in Turkey and regard the Turkish Ambassador as persona non-grata and he was asked to leave the country immediately. That is the first time that the relations would deteriorate to that level for over 60 years.

Finally. The great Turkish people with their long history and secular legacy are fighting back and paying a hefty price facing Erdogan’s tyrannical regime. All the so called achievements in economy of Erdogan have no weight compared to the liberty and freedom they fight to maintain. Aside from that, the economy has been dwindling in recent years and over 50% of the Stock Market value was lost as a result of Erdogan’s politics in 2013. Erdogan may try to postpone the inevitable but he is becoming a liability to his country and even his own AKP party who might find very soon that’s its necessary to sacrifice him for the sake of survival as a political entity.

Otherwise , it is very likely that the AKP party in Turkey will be destined for the same fate as the Muslim’s Brotherhood FJP (Freedom and Justice Party) in Egypt. The Turkish people are known for their tenacity and resilience and the AKP is becoming a liability to the Turkish people regionally and worldwide that they feel the burden of having to vote it out or oust it as soon as possible.


ALBAWABA NEWS: Erdoğan and the Great Turkish Divide.


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