ALBAWABA NEWS: A Caliphate of Delusion

When politics are mixed with history and fantasy , one can expect the emergence of the likes of D.A.E.S.H on the political spectrum. “Dawla el Iraq Wa al Sham DAESH” meaning “The State of Iraq and the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine)” is the name of the new major terrorist player in the region.
Affiliated with the Al Qaeda franchise of Afghanistan, the DAESH terrorist group have emerged united to have the audacity to claim that they are forming an Islamic (Islamist) Caliphate in the area they claim to control from Iraq all the way to Syria and the Levant. Similar to Al Qaeda the terrorists that joined DAESH are of multinational and multiethnic backgrounds and pledge allegiance to Warlord Abu Bakr El Baghdadi . El Baghdadi was the leader of the Islamic (Islamist) state of Iraq which was an illusionary state based on some areas in Iraq which the terrorist group controls.

The DAESH group as an offspring of the “Islamic state of Iraq” planned to unite the areas of the Jihadists control in Syria with the ones in Iraq. The delusion comes from the very fact these fighters believe they will be able to destroy the states of the neighbouring Arab countries and establish a new caliphate and crown El Baghdadi as the new caliph for Muslims.

The leaders of DAESH according to media report by Al Arabiya network on February 13th 2014 are an extraordinary mix of Arab and international fighters led by mainly 6 terrorist warlords who are as follows:

1- Abu Bakr Al Bagdadi :
An Iraqi born whose real name is Ibrahim El Badry but gave himself a Jihadist name that resembles the names that used to be common in medieval times. He worked as an Islamic Studies teacher then an Iman in the Iraqi city of Samraa then a similar job in Baghdad before he was imprisoned in 2004 by American occupying troops for 3 years. After he was released he formed a militant group called The Army of Sunni People then he joined Al Qaeda in Iraq to be third in command. Later he took charge of DAESH following Abou Omar Al Baghdadi

2- Abou Ayman Al Iraqi
Abou Ayman Al Iraqi is an Iraqi born in 1965 as Abou Mohanad Al Sowaidawi. He was a former army officer during Saddam Hussein reign who worked in the Air-Defense intelligence. He was imprisoned in 2007 for 3 years. Then he moved afterwards to Deer EL Zour to lead DAESH branches in Adlib, Alleppo and Lazekeya Mountains. He is considered to be the most important key figure in the terrorist group hierarchy in Syria.

3- Abou Ahmed Al Alwani
His real name is Waleed Jassem Al Alwani, the third member of the DAESH military council formed with him and the above two leaders.

4- Abou Abdel Rahman Al Bilawy :
Real name is Adnan Ismail Nagm. Another former Saddam Hussein military officer . He was once imprisoned by American forces in Camp Bucca Prison in Om Al Qasr, Iraq in 2005 and was killed in Al Anbar , Iraq. Al Bilawy was a former member of the DAESH military council that coordinates all the terrorist attacks in both Iraq and Syria.

5-Hajy Bakr
Real Name is Samir Abd Mohamed Al Khalifawy, another former Saddam military officer who was killed in Al Anbar and a former member of the Military Council of DAESH. He was the most important terrorist leader in Syria till he was recently killed

6- Abou Fatima Al Gohaishy
Real name is Neama Abd Naif Al Gaboury .was an operative in South Iraq and coordinated operations from South Iraq all the way to Iraqi Kurdistan and North of Iraq. Still Operative.

From the above, we can notice that the entire main leaders of DAESH were Iraqis and they have served at one time in the former Iraqi army of Saddam Hussein. Several of them fell in the hands of the US occupation forces in Iraq to serve short sentences only to return to their terrorist activities upon their release. They have managed to expand their terrorists operations to cover most of Iraq and moved to the civil war torn Syria and managed to score some early successes before being deterred by the Syrian army.

While DAESH is taking a pounding in both Iraq and Syria by their national armies and hundreds of them are either killed, wounded or arrested, the group still found sympathizers in other countries like Lebanon. They are led by Mohamed Hamdan who pledges allegiance to the terrorist group. Lebanon is becoming another small battlefield for the activities of such radicals in recent years fueled by the ever going political and sectarian feuds.
Unlike the case in Yemen and Iraq , the tribes influence in Syria is of lesser effect and the state have a much further influence in many areas that can resist the hordes of such terrorists even the regime itself may symbolize dictatorship. However the case is now is being the State versus fanatical terrorists who find pride in playing football with the severed heads of their victims as shown in many video clips that surface on the internet.
The group is in a state of delusion that has led them to believe that they will defeat the central governments in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to build their own fantasy.

In their excellent research labeled “Why Terrorists Overestimate their odds of victory” Karolina Lula and Max Abrahams mentioned that terrorists around the world overestimate their odds of victory against regimes they believe as dictatorial or infidel such as the case of Islamists terrorism is that their terrorist leaders draw false analogies from successful guerrilla campaigns which are indeed comparatively profitable such as the cases of the anti-colonial liberation movements post the World War II . However they always mistake their terrorist actions with other guerilla wars that led to the liberation of many countries like in South America and Africa.

The delusion has gone even further that the DAESH started to issue car Licenses that carry the name “Dawlat Al Khilafa” or the State of the Caliphate, they even renamed counties that fall temporarily under their rule as part of their illusion grand caliphate supposedly extending from Iraq to Syria and to contain the whole Levant.

Unfortunately DAESH among others are another byproduct of the so called Arab Spring revolutions which has turned into countries like Syria into a cold nuclear winter. The DAESH gangs of terrorists will be obliterated by the state forces as they have been facing therealities and the balance of power. DAESH will face the fate that groups like Ansar Beit Al Magdes is facing in Sinai, Egypt which will be imminent total destruction. The fact is that DAESH merciless actions in Iraq and the blood trail that they left has even forced some of the anti-Assad groups to fight along their enemies to deter their madness and blood lust.

DAESH is a short lived terrorist organization that doesn’t have the zeal and strength of Al Qaeda or the political and economic influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are expected to be obliterated within a short period as their own deadly mix of historical delusion that has no place in the 21st century. It’s another sad example of how extremists and madmen are abusing the Islamic religion to gain power and influence at the expense of thousands of innocents in the Middle East.

ALBAWABA NEWS: A Caliphate of Delusion.


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