Obama’s Political groupies

Obama’s Political groupies and the overlooked realities

Another year pass and another State of the union heavily orated speech by President Barack Obama takes place. Obama as usual did put on the confident face and a highly exaggerated smile towards his audience targeting many of his groupies type of politicians who nod their heads and clap their hands euphorically to anything he says as if he is a rock star or even a cult leader.

Barack Obama charisma and oratory skills are unmatched by any politician in the western world in the last few decades. Unfortunately for the Americans and the rest of the world Obama has taken the charm game a little too far to the extent that he believes that he can use it to lie his way out of any sticky situations. While it is important for any leader to raise the low morale of his nation, the Americans have not voted for Obama for a second term to make them feel good about themselves. Americans could easily buy a 15 dollar self-motivation program book with a DVD for that purpose. However, they voted for Obama because he declared that he is the candidate of “Change” who will turn things around and help Americans realize their dreams. What they got instead are high dosages of mass hypnosis to make them feel better about themselves and not a valid plan to attain these dreams.

The political groupies, hipster pundits and analysts have been whitewashing all the mistakes of Obama in the past 5 years,. They gave him countless excuses for serious domestic and international blunders, they have contributed a lot to the current state of denial Obama and his administration have done and still doing.

Contradicting himself throughout the entire 2014 state of the union, Obama mentioned 3 countries that he claimed to help achieve stability and democracy. They are Tunisia, Burma and Ukraine. He was taking credit for helping them to achieve their dreams of democracy. One can’t understand what Obama is really talking about since Tunisia despite passing a new constitution is still ruled by the similar oppressive Islamists to those who ruled Egypt and assassinations of political rivals have been going one systematically as well as huge drop in the security , economy and human rights condition On the other hand, Burma, is still one of the most oppressive countries on the planet and Muslims and other minorities are still facing a systematic government sponsored genocide and nowhere to reach any form of Democracy in the foreseeable future. Finally, the situation in Ukraine is growing increasingly dangerous in most Ukrainian cities and no signs of presumed freedoms are appearing so far. So the question remains why would Obama is taking credit for presumed achievements which are in fact mostly failures and convincing the American public that situations are improving in these countries.

Furthermore, Obama goes further to praise the controversial Geneva deal with the Iranian tyrannical regime and calls it an achievement. Then he contradicts himself and mentions that the Iranian regime has been supporting terrorism and terrorist organizations like Hezbollah. Accordingly and knowing these facts about Iranian regime support for terrorism, he decided to provide them with a breathing space and continues his wishful thinking that the terrorist supporters per his own words will honour the deal with the USA and UN. It’s unfathomable that this kind of contradiction which is mixed by a degree of gullibility would emerge in a speech by a USA president but it happened on the 28th of January 2013. Iran which still represent a clear on present danger on the entire Middle Easter region have not spent tens of billions of dollars to stop their nuclear ambitions now . A military solution is a terrible option as well and also should be avoided at all costs but convincing Americans that this will be resolved through the Geneva deal is wishful thinking till proven otherwise. Iranian mullahs still have their greedy eyes on the rest of the Arabian Peninsula and also crushing any hope for liberty or freedom in Iran. For the sake of the whole world, everyone wishes that Obama is right about this one as if he is wrong , only he and administration will carry the responsibility for a Nuclear Arms race in the Middle East if not worse.

Moreover, Obama intentionally ditched mentioning his “crowning failure” in Egypt as he as well as any observers knows that he messed up one of the steadiest diplomatic relationships in the Middle East of Africa and a longtime ally of the USA. Not content by that his systematic support for the terrorist branded Muslim Brotherhood has been very alienating to even the staunchest supporters of the USA in Egypt. A policy which the USA will suffer from after the end of his second term as his administration has lost the confidence of any key figure in the current Egyptian regime ,politicians and most of the Egyptians.


When Obama mentions that USA and Europe are still enjoying one of the greatest alliances in modern history, he failed to mention the NSA spy program on his very allies. The program that has alienated even the most staunch allies of USA in Europe like UK and Germany because the heads of states of these countries and others can’t explain or provide enough excuses why their emails and private phone calls are being monitored by Obama administration.

Obama economic policies may have saved a key industry like the Car industries but have exacerbated many others in the process. At the same time, he failed to notify the audience and the American people that his self-proclaimed legacy will include a National Debt for the USA amounting over 20 Trillion dollars by the year 2016 and it is currently at 17.3 Trillion as of January 2014. These numbers have been project by the Congressional Budget Office in August 2012. This amount is bigger than the foreign and national debts of an entire continent like Africa (53 Countries) The president should have been more forward and more responsible to present these facts in front of the American nation. The reason for this is because that once he exists the oval office and continue his golfing spree, the next generations while be under an enormous pile of unpaid debt that will negatively impact their chances for a better future.

Moreover, Obama still failed to explain why he never kept his promise in 2009 of shutting down the Guantanamo Bay prison after 5 years from his presidency. He still can’t find a convincing excuse for that in all his speeches. That can be rendered among his many failed promises and policies, however, the hypocrisy lies when his administration is still standing by similar terrorists like Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and giving them political backup and criticizing the army for taking the necessary actions against suicide bombers and terrorists.

Obama’s administration keep criticizing the so called imprisonment of activists and they never care to check the list of charges on them as if the activists are infallible or a superior race that has to be treated with reverence and be kept above the law compared to the rest of the Egyptians.

At the same time, the hipster western journalists and pundits still claim to be the vanguards of democracy have and still drooling after any speech given by Obama regardless of how contradicting and filled with loopholes it is. Yet, they hypocritically criticize the Egyptian people who suffered under the tyranny of Morsi when they waive Egyptian flags and carry Field Marshall El Sisi photos in rallies all over the country to show support for the military who saved Egypt from the doomed fate of Syria.

These so called journalists and backpacking correspondents still associate the word of “Military” to “Fascism” and reversing the order of matters and trying to defend their beloved terrorists Islamists. So many Media outlets and publications including famous names like Washington Post and NY Times among others have thrown their international credibility by placing their betting chips on a terrorist organization that has killed thousands of Egyptians in the past few years and tens of thousands others in the 85 years. While it is a fact that most media are businesses that operates on the basis of Profit and income, it can never be a good business decision to back terrorists under the pretext of democracy or bash the role of an army trying to save its nation and brand it as a fascist one.

Accordingly, they should criticize their beloved president Obama and all the congressmen who stood up in ovation multiple times every time Obama mentions the sacrifices of the US Military in keeping the country safe which is exactly what the Egyptian military is doing. The Egyptian military are fighting a battle in face of barbaric terrorists who respect no human values or any religion whether that Islam or Christianity, Judaism, etc…

Unfortunately, it appears that only way they learn the hard facts is when they become targets of the same people they defend vehemently as they seem to have forgotten what these terrorists are capable of and forgotten the thousands of deaths in New York, Madrid, London and others all over the world.

Obama with his groupies are still living within their own bubble of fallacies and pseudo –successes while the realities differs completely from the rosy picture painted by Obama during his State of the Union Speech . His groupies will continue to cheer as well as many of the Democratic Party members who don’t want to admit that their emperor is walking naked yet they praise preach about the beauty of his costume. The USA as well as its allies all over the world requires a new caliber of Leaders and not Cheerleaders to turn the current state of affairs of the world towards the right direction instead of daydreaming and wishful thinking.

Obama had a historical chance to change the world like he claimed he will do but so far he did that for the worse. Unfortunately, for the American people that other politicians are not that much better at the moment as the country is suffering a serious drought of capable politicians and it was evident that the Republican Party would settle for politicians like McCain to face Obama. Unsurprisingly, that Obama would easily sweep such elections judging by his great charisma and mostly friendly attitude but unfortunately so far that is all he can offer and no real political achievements to match it.

For hipster political cheerleaders and groupies in the US and European press cheering for Obama and still can’t see what everyone else sees, one can usually address them in their own lingo and tell them : “That is so 2009!! ”



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