Uprooting the Muslim Brotherhood

After the defeat of Nazi Germany by the allied forces in 1945, a dawn of a new Germany emerged that eventually and after almost 70 years erased a lot  bad memories that were associated with the terrible Nazi crimes. This was not done overnight and it took the German people and consecutive government massive efforts to contain and eradicate the Nazi ideology from a significant percentage of the German population that adopted it. Years of uprooting Nazism from the German society have paid off in the end as Germany now is becoming one of the most beloved countries worldwide.

According to a BBC poll published in May 23rd 2013 Germany topped the list of the most popular countries the world. That completely transformed image that contradicts entirely the image left by the Germans post World War II, is a result of a systematic and a state led effort of uprooting the fascist ideologies from the German society. That started actually by giving all known Nazi party members and sympathizers an early retirement from public jobs especially those working in  education whether in Public schools or universities.

Moreover, Nazi Slogans as well as Salutes were strictly banned and a new rhetoric of tolerance and an educational curriculum endorsing multi-culturalism and open mindedness instilled instead.  The result of this successful strategy was shifting Germany from being the most hated country in the world in 1945 to the most popular one in 2013 according to the BBC poll.

A similar case in Egypt is taking place but in a different manner. Since the late 1940s Islamists headed by the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group have been poisoning the minds of the society with extremist ideologies, sectarianism, and violence and over zeal. The result is that the once tolerant society in Egypt that once had a Muslim King, a Christian Prime Minister and a Jewish minister of finance has shifted towards sectarianism and bigotry. The difference between Nazis and Muslim Brotherhood is that that the brotherhood and their Islamist allies were not ruling the country except the 2 years that followed the January 25th revolution. However, Muslim Brotherhood had created associations and grassroots NGOs in most sectors of the Egyptians Society.

Muslim Brotherhood financed by their international franchise has created clinics, hospitals, schools charities as well as commercial businesses. Most of these companies and institutions served for the purpose of propagating the twisted ideologies of the brotherhood as well as keeping poorer sectors of society loyal to them for providing them free services. However, like nothing in life is free, the Muslim Brotherhood used these services to secure votes through either direct bribery or loyalty they forged in the middle and poorer sectors of Egyptian societies.  For many years, these NGOs and businesses were the backdoor of financing the Muslim Brotherhood illegal and terrorist activities. The government looked the other way in the past decades against these growing activities of Egypt’s most notorious group. But in December 25th 2013 and as a result of the treacherous terrorist attack by Muslim Brotherhood operatives against Security Headquarters in the city of Mansoura, the government finally realized what most Egyptians did years ago and banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

The ban included freezing all the activities and assets of their NGOS and affiliated ones amounting over 1050 NGO as well charity groups. A committee of government affiliated organizations was assigned to handle their administrations to sustain the charity work of these organizations. Most of the funds of these organizations were directed at securing the financial status and financing its miscellaneous activities. Now the charity organization funds will hopefully reach those who are actually in need of it. That was the beginning of a long awaited series of steps aimed toward uprooting the terrorism grassroots of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

For over a decade the Muslim brotherhood has established a large number of private schools run by headmasters and teachers who are members of the terrorist group. The aim was to create a new generation of brotherhood members and sympathizers and instill sectarian and extremist Islamist beliefs which are affiliated with the group’s rhetoric .

Some experts estimate the numbers of the Muslim Brotherhood schools to be around 400 ones but only 87 were officially taken over by Government and another 87 are being checked for meeting the standards of the Egyptian educational system. In these schools, a curriculum based on the ideologies of the brotherhood was being taught. Also the administrators of many of these schools went as far as forcing the students to chant a different national anthem called “JIhadi” or My Jihad with completely different lyrics but rhymes with the Egyptian national anthem “Bilady” which means my country. What seemed like modern school facilities run by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders were in fact a modern form of the Pakistani and Afghani like Madrassas that had a lot of extremists graduating from in these countries.

A similar pattern of uprooting the terrorist grassroots is taking place within governmental ministries, authorities and organizations to uproot the Muslim Brotherhood elements that were planted during Morsi’s reign of terror estimated to be at least 13,000 members in key positions. These members who has pledged allegiance to the terrorist group were and remain a clear and present danger to Egypt’s progress in the upcoming phase should they are not being carefully monitored and sacked in case they are helping the Muslim Brotherhood goals.

Furthermore, The uprooting continues in educational facilities like Al Azhar who was infested by clerics and sheikhs with brotherhood and Wahhabi doctrines affiliations and they were preaching Islam according to the teachings of Hassan El Banna the founder of the brotherhood and the Sayed Qutb the God father of Modern terrorism.

Last but not the least , the Muslim Brotherhood members are being democratically and systematically shunned and defeated in all the elections in several professional syndicates in Egypt that they once held with an iron fist for decades. They have lost the elections in the Journalists, Physicians and Engineers syndicates. The last 2 syndicates were controlled by the brotherhood for decades but were lost in a democratic vote of confidence  by the members of these syndicates who felt annoyed of the brotherhood abusing these syndicates to serve their own agendas.

The uprooting continues with the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood 4 finger sign that resembles the Nazi salute but with open fingers instead of closed ones. Brotherhood members refer by the 4 fingers to what they self-proclaim  to be a massacre against their terrorist group members in Rabaa square. The salute resembles the fascist salute and it may not be a complete coincidence judging by the fact that the group’s very origins and rise was parallel to the rise of the Nazi party in Germany in the early 1930’s.

The resemblance between the post Nazi period in Germany and the post Muslim Brotherhood period in Egypt is uncanny. Despite the fact that there were no concentration camps in Egypt and no 70 million people are dead as a result of the Muslim Brotherhood actions, but history teaches us that their actions were taking Egypt , the Middle East and the rest of the world into a similar deadly path. One can easily remember that the last Nazi like rally of Morsi in Cairo indoor Stadium was a declaration of war against Syria and for first time in Egyptian Modern History a call for Jihad against the Syrian regime. A war that could have triggered a large scale war in the Middle East, if the June 30th revolution didn’t take place to prevent this lunacy.

At the current moment, the Egyptian government with the help of the national associations is trying to curb on the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood associations and NGOs for the sake of  reversing the negative impact they have done to the Egyptian society that will take years if not decades to repair. The Muslim Brotherhood in their deadly path for destruction of the Egyptians state has killed thousands of Egyptians starting from January 25th revolution passing through Morsi’s reign of terror and post the June 30th revolution. The Egyptian people and state are in battle of survival and uprooting the terrorist roots of the Muslim Brotherhood at all levels in Egypt, is a must for the sustainability of a unified Egypt. The aggression of the Muslim Brotherhood cannot be met with roses and open arms but extreme measures and applying the laws.

We can easily learn from a very simply phrase by the great Roman author of Fables Phaedrus (15 BC- 50 AD) when he wrote “Aggression unchallenged is aggression unleashed”



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