Controversial Preacher

 The Arab Rasputin :  Yusuf Al Qaradawy


He may not be Qatar’s greatest love machine like the legendary Boney M song goes about his Russian 20th century counterpart, or maybe he is as he recently married a Moroccan women who is more than 40 years younger. The point is that Al Qardawy has been playing the same role of the Russian sinister missionary and the Russian Romanovs trusted adviser. He found his way to power through manipulation of the Royal Russian army and became very influential in the last days of  Russian Empire before he was killed with Poison.  In a similar pattern Egyptian born Qatari national and prominent member of the international Muslim Brotherhood Yusuf Al Qaradawy influenced  the Qatari Royal family for over 4 decades.  During Nasser’s era, Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawy initially fled Egypt after the crackdown on the Muslim to Qatar where he was granted citizenship and henceforth he became the Qatari loyal family advisor and their religious propagandist.

The controversy behind Al Qaradawy doesn’t really stem only from his controversial Fatwas (Islamic Religious Edict) against his adversaries or whoever he deems as enemies but also his contradicting and selective Fatwas according to the whims of the Qatari regime. He exercised his powers and influence despite the several regime changes including a coup orchestrated by the former Amir Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani on his father Amir Khalifa in 1995. He managed to maintain cordial relations with the royal family and looked the other way from all the autocratic rulings in Qatar . On the other hand, he used his talents against the Egyptian state.

In a similar manner like the original Russian Rasputin , one cannot say he is not a knowledgeable human as he somehow found a way to write over 80 books. The surprise about the number will disappear once the reader knows that they mostly Fatwas and much of them contain controversial teachings based mainly on the doctrine of Muslim Brotherhood leader Hassan El Banna.  However, some of his research is considered to be a valuable source of some especially that doesn’t contain his twisted political views.

Al Qaradawy remains one of the few living persons who actually encountered the Muslim Brotherhood group’s founder and always claims that he learned a lot from what labeled as El Banna’s  “Moderate ” stance on Islam as he describes it..   Al Qaradawy would have remained an obscure priest and possibly on the fringes of the Middle Eastern society wasn’t for his weekly TV program “Sharia and life” broadcasted on the Qatari Islamist Propaganda machine Al Jazeerah. The show has lifted him from obscurity to a household name and amassed tens of millions of viewers throughout the Middle East and Europe.

That program presented by  Al Qaradawy have fooled millions into believing that he is an actual moderate cleric.  Al Qaradawy also is the head of another international branch of the Muslim Brotherhood which is the International association for Muslim Scholars set in London. The racket he established on the pretenses on uniting Islamic Clerics  and scholars from around the world is a façade like many others including CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) in USA . All of which are utilized as lobbies serving the Muslim Brotherhood ambitions for power and hegemony. A supposedly Islamic association suddenly switched to becoming a political tool in the international terrorist organization and they are inciting Egyptians to revoke the June 30th revolution and resisting what they falsely call an army coup.

USA government finally realizing the danger of this man, banned him from entering American borders in 1999 and later UK  which has always exercised a lenient policy towards Islamist have finally banned him from entrance in 2008. Despite the fact that he received a hero’s welcome by former mayor of London Ken Livingstone in 2005. Later in 2006 in Sweden he mentioned that he endorses Suicide Bombings as a way to fight Israeli Occupation of Palestine, he even went further to mention that Israeli women are not like the regular women in the world because they join the Israeli military hence they are also fair game for suicidal bombers.  Accordingly his message can be summarized it’s fine to use terrorism as long as it is directed to whoever he calls as enemies.

However, thanks to the Arab spring revolutions, he among his fellow Islamists has been unmasked to the public about their actual intentions and seditious motives of ruling the Middle Eastern countries without rivals. Accordingly all the charade of modernity and moderation in their doctrine changed right after January 2011 and replaced by extremists and medieval thoughts and rhetoric by Al Qaradawy.

In the days that followed January 25th revolution, he was celebrated by Muslim Brotherhood and their fooled allies on February 18th 2011 in Tahrir square and actually preached Muslims there during a Friday prayer a scene reminiscent of the arrival of Iranian radical Sheikh and revolution leader AL Khomeini in 1979. Since that date, the situation in Egypt in 2011 took a different turn and the tone of the Islamist became more aggressive and power seeking than anytime in modern history. Islamist believed that this is their time and place to rule forever under name of religion. Aided by Al Qaradawy continuous and non-ending Fatwas of voting to Islamist candidates, Islamists in Egypt managed to score a controversial and questionable victory in a rigged Parliamentary and Presidential elections.  Many who voted in these elections will recall polling station filled with supervisors with long beards and women in Full Veil (Niqab) swaying voters to vote for Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists candidates. This didn’t just happen in some remote village, this actually happened even in classy Cairo neighbourhoods like Heliopolis.

For a good while, Al Qaradawy seemed to be a reliable and trustworthy man in the eyes of many Egyptians. But the Arab Rasputin was actually seeking not Islam or Egypt’s best interest in his deeds, but actually serving the Qatari regime for bigger regional influence backed by the Gas and Oil money and endless financing of the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Egypt.

Al Qaradawy has always managed to appease the powers that be especially in Qatar with Fawas that are tailor made to serve political ambitions. Post June 30th revolution He called about upon Muslims to fight against the Egyptian army whom he accused of committing “atrocities” against some of his beloved terrorists. Luckily enough the mood in Egypt changed and most people are no longer under the spell of Islamists and their bogus rhetoric so his calls and Fatwas fell on deaf ears. This isn’t the first time that Al Qardawi inciting violence in the Middle East as there are many incidents like including one  in 2011 when he issued a Fatwa asking Libyans to  kill former Libyan President Moamar Al Qaddafi which has been fulfilled on screen by his captors after his bunker was stormed by Libyan rebels.  He claimed in his fatwa of saving lives while the same bleeding heart Sheikh never condemned the terrorist’s attacks by Muslim Brotherhood elements and their Jihadist allies in Sinai against Egyptian citizens, army and security forces.

As a matter of fact from his new terrorists safe haven in Qatar, he is inciting other Islamist in Egypt to continue the fight against Egyptian state and society. Throughout the period post June30th he has been trying to drive a wedge between the Egyptian nation and their national army.

The implications of having such clerics exploiting the minds of the masses with his antiquated Fatwas have been disastrous. These implications were clearly witnessed in the past 5 decades in the Middle East region and internationally. The Qatari Mufti of death continues at his age 87 what he and his ilk have been doing for decades and cast Fatwas upon their enemies and justifying the killing under the name of religion.

Time and experience have proven that the less Qaradawis in the Middle East region the higher the prospects of its people in the foreseeable future . In Medieval Europe Clergymen similar to  Qaradawy promised the masses heaven and even sold them stocks and land in that promised heaven, Qaradawy and his ilk are simply doing the same.



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