Fooling the Masses

Fooling The Masses : How the Muslim Brotherhood leaders masked their Qutbian orgins?


“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.- Abraham Lincoln


Throughout 5 decades Muslim Brotherhood members, have been working on masking their real ideology and beliefs from the Egyptian and Arab public in general.  This dates back since the  famous crackdown on the Islamist organization in 1965 during Nasser’s regime. The very crackdown that eventually led to the trial of the God father of Modern Terrorism Sayed Qutb which resulted in his execution.   They managed through years to downplay their Qutbian leniency and their extremist ideologies.

The execution of the author of the infamous “Signs   on the road” book which is considered by many to be the manual or bible of Modern Islamist terrorism came as a turning point in the history of Islamists who rendered him as a Martyr. It’s fact that without the extremist teachings of Sayed Qutb , the world would have been a much better place today.  His books and teachings have inspired almost every Islamist radical group especially Jihadist from Indonesia to Morocco.

Accordingly, the question that poses itself; how did the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood managed to distance themselves from the teachings of Sayed Qutb throughout the years that followed his execution up to the Elections that took place in Egypt and Tunisian post the Arab Spring revolutions? The answers can be numerous elements but the most common can be the following :

  • Al Taqiyya Principle :

Despite being a presumably Sunni  Muslim organization in principal, Muslim Brotherhood members adopted a principal adopted mostly by Shiaa Muslims when they are minorities. This principal is called Al Taqqiya. Al Taqqiya is mainly a form of religious dissimulation or sometimes a political one that the Muslim Brotherhood used as a deniability tactic. It’s a deniability tactic to hide behind real motives and beliefs of the group since the 1960s. This tactic has provided them with an effective shield against the accusations of endorsing the extremist and terrorist beliefs of Sayed Qutb. But the truth remains is that the majority of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood today in Egypt and worldwide are loyal advocates to the terrorism Godfather beliefs especially the likes of the former two Supreme Guides Mohamed Badiea and Mahdy Akef who are the most extremist and overzealous leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in their 85 years history.


  • Establishing Franchises for the mother group:

Another method for the brotherhood members to maintain deniability of  adhering to  Qutbian works and rhetoric was establishing other franchises for the Muslim Brotherhood organization that adopts these ideas. These franchises  appeared since the 1970s and onwards  and have been violently and explicitly adopted Sayed Qutb doctrine. An example for these notorious terrorists organizations Al Gamaa Al Islamiya , Al Takfeer Wal Higra , Hamas and many others.  These organizations served as Militant arms to expand the Qutbism beliefs by force throughout the region, yet the main group can always maintain deniability. Also , occasionally they would denounce the other groups terrorist actions for more dramatic effect and to distance themselves from the very discourse most of them adopt.

That’s how the brotherhood have managed to distinguish themselves from other Islamist and Jihadist groups even when they are simply franchises for them. That gimmick worked like a charm in the past 2 decades especially with the infiltration of western societies by the brotherhood. The evidence can be easily shown after the June 30th Revolution in Egypt which was denounced as a Coup by many western countries. This simply reflects the influence and the great manipulation of this organization of western politicians who believed that the brotherhood is actually a moderate Islamic organization and not an extremist Jihadist administrator for all the Jihadists in the world which is the truth.

  •  Planting Trojan writers and anchors in Media and press:

This was the trick that fooled most people including western regimes into believing that the Brotherhood are an actual moderate group that seeks peace and prosperity. For at least the past 40 years, countless number of writers and anchors has been chosen carefully by the Muslim Brotherhood organization as propagandists. They are 3 types of these media players, either actual secret members, apologists to the brotherhood discourse or those who directly on their payroll.  Egyptian history revisionists surfaced in the past few years in favour of the Muslim brotherhood.

These historians for hire did for the Muslim Brotherhood image what money launderers do for drug cartels. They can actually be called “History Launders” because they clean up the history of violent groups and proving them with a clean slate.  The truth is always masked in their books about the involvement of the  brotherhood in terrorist and violent activities through an intricate web of twisted facts. In fact some of them like Mohamed El Gawadi granted the brotherhood members fictitious  heroic  status that totally contradicts with the actual historical events.

That propagandist press including the likes of pro-Islamists Qatari network Al Jazeerah , has been faking a fictional image about the Brotherhood for at least a decade before their ascension to power. Their full support continued after the brotherhood rise to power and faking lies about their opponents is what AL Jazeerah excelled in for the past 3 years.

The brotherhood was also helped by a group of well known as well as  lesser known journalists, anchors and media players in Egypt and Tunisia. Those who sold out in favour of promised higher position and rewards which the brotherhood failed to deliver once they attained power.  The victim in this media circus in favour of the brotherhood were the Egyptian and Tunisian masses as the truth about them were nowhere to be found till months after the brotherhood were in power.

Accordingly, the world has fallen in the trap of fake moderate stances exhibited by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders while at core they remain as extremist Qutbian as they ever were.

However, after waves of terrorism that claimed hundreds of lives in Egypt following the fall of the Islamist regime led by Mohamed Morsi, there aren’t any further excuses for the world to be fooled again by false acts of piety and moderation. The Muslim Brotherhood has once and for all unmasked the truth behind their overzealous and extremist Qutbian attitudes towards Egyptians in general and all minorities in particular. including Christians, Shiaa , women , etc..

Let everyone be reminded of the famous saying “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice , shame on me!


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