Fight like an Egyptian: Egypt’s Inevitable Battle for Liberty (Part 2)

Egyptians witnessing USA and European countries claim that they have been fighting terrorism for over a decade resulting in millions of civilians dead and thousands of their own armies killed in action, have believed that both Americans and Europeans would be the first nations on earth to understand what they are going through fighting the Muslim Brotherhood terrorism.

Little did Egyptians know that those governments who claimed friendship for decades would wager that friendship, strategic ties and commercial relationships for a bunch of outlaws and terrorist endorsers represented in the Muslim Brotherhood and its international branches in over 80 countries. The shocking events and complete bias in favour the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists have shocked Egyptians and changed their view of Western politicians completely.

Western Governments reaction to the June 30th revolution:

Ranging from clueless to shameful, the USA and European Union have been in total awe and shock at the events in Egypt. Their reactions and press statements of their foreign ministers and heads of states with the exception of a few, have been mostly shallow and out of touch with the reality as if they have heard about Egypt for the first time in their lives. Evidently most westerners disregarded the pleas and cries of Egyptians throughout the Morsi reign that were included in reports of Egyptian Media , Human rights NGOs reports and some fair foreign correspondents in Egypt about the hardships that Egyptians have suffered under Morsi regime.

Now with the Egyptian Police raided the two armed terrorists encampments of Rabaa and Nahda, for some reason the western governments have found that a shocking act despite the fact these governments have treated much smaller issues more harshly like in the case of the Occupy movement in New York, Barcelona and the riots of London. The loss of life is deeply saddening and very disturbing but one shouldn’t neglect that heavy arms were found among the protestors and they fired the first shot at the police killing 3 policeman in the first 15 minutes of the crackdown. A total of 43 policemen lost their lives by sniper and gunshots from the camped terrorists.

It’s becoming more evident that the Obama administration anger over the ousting of Morsi can be attributed that he believes he lost a key ally in his military adventure in Syria that Obama was pushing so much for. Morsi would have been an ally in giving a religious coating to this war of aggression despite the vile methods of Syrian President Bashar El Assad. That religious coating was already provided by Morsi in his Nazi styled speech in Cairo indoor Stadium hall declaring Holy Jihad against the Syrian regime. It was more evident that under the leadership of Morsi, Egyptian army was being driven to a major conflict with Syria for no logical reason but for Morsi to appear as a strong leader in the eyes of his constituency and appease Obama’s ambitions in the Middle East. The Egyptian army was literraly saved by the bell because of the June 30th revolution. As the involvement in such a conflict would have caused a lot of mayhem in the ranks of the army and could have resulted in much more complex result aside from the fact of fighting a former ally of Egypt which is the Syrian army.

The continuous rabid attacks from politicians all over Europe on the Egyptian revolution have caused a major dismay and have contributed only to the common belief that among European and American governments, are allies of the Muslim Brotherhood and want to impose them in Egypt as rulers to serve their agendas.

Some European countries have imposed restrictions on Egypt’s imports of security equipment that can be used in crowd control or riots. Others like Denmark, froze annual aid which in the case of Denmark is 5 Million Euros. Hardly a number worth mentioning since they can be covered by an middle level trader or businessman in Egypt. This was a topic of mockery by Egyptian media as Egypt can do without that change.

It’s not a secret European Union is the biggest trade partner to Egypt and Egypt imports dozens of Billions of dollars worth of products from EU annually. The biggest losers will be European companies and the already ailing European economy, Egyptian government should decide to import these products from alternative origins from Asia or South America.

Waiving the aid card didn’t work with the Egyptian government poised to dispose of the tyrannical rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and their aides. The same stance was taken with the Obama admin which froze an already cancelled Bi-Annual army maneuvers and the delivery of four F16 fighters to Egyptian Air Force. That number of fighter doesn’t even account for 1% of the Egyptian Air Force. While many overzealous and loud voiced congressmen were howling for months to suspend the aid to Egypt, they seem to have forgotten few key matters in that direction:

1. The annual 1.3 Military aid to Egypt is not a gift or a charity but it is an integral part of the Camp David Peace accord with Israel signed by late President Sadat in 1979 with late Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin with auspicies of Former US President Jimmy Carter. A similar but bigger package is given to Israel every year to guarantee the continuity of a sustainable peace that matters to the whole world.

2. This package serves American Military industries extensively as for that 1.3 Billion dollar aid, the Egyptian army purchases billions of dollars of procurements outside the aid package from the USA. So this fact that American politicians and media was withheld from the American public is that the Military aid keeps Egypt as a loyal client to the American weapons industry and changing that will likely to lead Egypt for alternative resources.

3. The Aid to Egypt have helped through the years to strengthen the ties between the two great nations, however, it’s purely symbolic in economic terms. Meaning that this aid of 1.3 billion plus 200 million USD as economic aid doesn’t even account of 1% of annual GDP of Egypt.

Accordingly these facts are known to the American politicians and media but twisted and published to the public in a different format. Obama administration didn’t suspend the aid entirely or cancel it because they know the consequences will have a rippling negative effect on USA before it would hurt Egypt by any means.

Yes indeed this is the same European Union, who was on the brink of dismantling a few months back with the threat of the failure of the Euro as a currency still imminent wasn’t it for Germany’s endless economic subsidies. That union suddenly seemed to have solved all of its economic problems and turned to be concerned with the fate with the Brotherhood terrorists who were in Rabaa and have a bleeding heart on how they are dealt with.

It is September 2013 and the European Parliament is still ignoring the facts on the ground, terrorism against people and the state, the burning of churches and the violence of the Muslim Brotherhood gangs. They still issue out of touch statements demanding the release of the ousted President Morsi and his alliance of terrorist leaders thus tossing the Egyptian sovereignty and laws in the bin.

These kinds of statements don’t help the growing negative sentiment towards European politicians. European Parliament is strongly advised to stop these official jokes in the form of official statements because they are no longer taken seriously by the majority of Egyptians. Pundits and TV anchors use them on Egyptian night talk shows as laughing material. The question that the European Parliament have to answer, would they accept Egyptian government or Parliament asking them to drop charges or release the likes of Silvio Berlusconi or Yuliya Tymoshenko or Jaques chircac.

What Obama and his European allies failed to observe repeatedly that there was no democracy during Morsi to speak of. Hence that repeated boring rhetoric that Morsi was an elected president doesn’t fool anyone in Egypt or the freedom fighters around the world. They just make themselves more loathed and despicable in the eyes of the average Egyptian citizen for failing to understand basic concepts of democracy and liberty. The same European parliament that neglected all the previously mentioned Morsi regime abuses to the Egyptian people carries no weight or importance to the Egyptian people.

His speech on 24th September in front of the UN General Assembly panel, Obama was still out of touch from reality and saying that opposition is being oppressed in Egypt. In case he means Muslim Brotherhood as opposition then he might be right, because fascists and terrorists must be oppressed in any location on planet earth. Egyptians believe that USA and EU are doing the same to the fascists otherwise they should officially license NAZI and Radical Islamist parties in their countries. At the same time, Obama has retracted tactically from his former position as he finally realized that standing against the Egyptian nation ambition will only hurt the American interests in the region. While Obama claimed during the same speech that office was always unbiased towards any of the faction, any close observer knows that it is lie as he was always inclined towards the government of Morsi and not the will of the Egyptian people. When he realized that the will of Egyptians will go forward regardless of his approval or not, he decided to act like he was siding to that will initially. He is still waving that US Aid card. He still thinks for some reason that Egypt will not survive or Egyptian Army will disband without his 1.3 Billion dollars aid half of which pays the American manufacturers and training experts of the weapons sent to Egypt.

Obama plans for a new Middle East still continue to be met by a popular resistance. His aides and so called Middle East experts always seem to miscalculate that the Middle East is an ancient land and will not be easily formulated according to the whims and wishes of these experts in Washington. He is strongly advised to revise such policies and be the person whom he claimed to be during his Presidential campaigns and honour that Nobel Peace Prize. The prize that he undeservingly received as titles do not honour men but men honour titles as Machiavelli once wrote.

War on Terrorism

“It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles” “What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations.” Sun Tzu

The term “War On Terrorism” coined during George Bush Jr. administration has received a horrendous reputation thanks to two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with the latter being completely unjustified under any pretexts. Both wars have caused suffering to millions of Afghans and Iraqis, stifled American and International economy and no significant results except increasing the number of potential terrorists and adherents to the extremists views of Al Qaeda and Salafists groups worldwide. This is mainly due to international media which has never managed to separate that this war is addressed against extremism and not against Islam. Also the actions of some of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan bolstered that perception and the existence of such prisons like Guantanamo and Abou Gharib didn’t help to present the case.

Some may believe that the war on terror is only fought by the NATO in the dangerous rocky mountains of Afghanistan or Pakistan, but they neglect the fact that Morsi’s regime have systematically allowed formation of a terrorist hive in Northern Mountains of Sinai. Backed by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood have managed to fund and train a few thousand terrorists and militants in the North of Sinai which they managed to dominate during the bloody reign of Morsi. Morsi himself has pardoned over 3000 prisoners, many of them who joined the forces of terror in North Sinai in and they believe in creating a new Islamist caliphate that will rule from Sinai to all the corners of the world.

That perverted ideology cannot function on its own but require funding and organization. The International terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organization that recently held its meeting in Turkey in August 2013, has been fueling these terrorism activities and issued a widely publicized manifesto on the steps to be taken in Egypt after the ouster of the former Tyrant Morsi.

Since June30th 2013, over 100 Egyptians have been killed in Sinai, over 70 of them were army soldiers in continuous terror attacks in the Month of July 2013. All that was met by an almost complete International media cover-up and the focus is only on the fabricated stories of how Muslim Brotherhood members are oppressed in Egypt neglecting the massive violence and terrorism they have created since June30.

On the other hand, Egyptian army managed to Kill hundreds of terrorists in Sinai and captured more hundreds among them Palestinians, Syrians and Afghanis. The Egyptian army managed to disperse a lot of terrorist encampments in Sinai in the months of July, August and September 2013 and still waging an ongoing war. The terrorists still receive supplies smuggled through the Egyptian desert from Libya, Gaza and through sea smugglers from Turkey.

Despite the amazing victories, this is not going to be an easy ride for the Egyptian Army but the army is still using a fraction of its capabilities in Sinai. The reason is due to the fact that terrorists still do hide in residential areas and among local tribes in rural areas. The army is taking extra measures to avoid any civilian casualties among the residents in North Sinai. Sinai is witnessing an unprecedented wave of terrorism never seen in the past 3 decades since June30th which undisputedly confirms the tight relations between the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood international organization and other terrorists and Militants in Sinai.

Before his arrest, Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed El Beltagy stationed at the Rabaa terrorist encampment unintellionally admitted his complacency in the acts of terrorism by saying once Morsi is back as president the terrorism in Sinai will stop. It’s not a secret the El Beltagy who has been the security commander and coordinator of the Muslim Brotherhood militias has strong ties in terrorists in Gaza led by Hamas. Also his comrade in terrorism Safwat Hegazy stationed at the same encampment admitted on TV that they are trading guns in Syria which is a crime according to the Egyptian law.

Both these leaders have been questioned about their involvement in the so called “Battle of the Camel” Massacre on February 3rd 2011 during the last days of Mubarak. This massacre that changed the public opinion and the tide of the January 25th revolution in favor of the Tahrir demonstators but new information about this massacre is unfolding now.

The lesson that Egypt should learn from its previous wars against terrorism from the 1970s through 1990s that this time the war has to be decisive and final. The case of Ayman El Zawahiri the current Al Qaeda leader, who slipped from Egyptian security forces hands after naming some names to save his own skin should serve an example of never releasing dangerous culprits even the cooperative ones. They eventually turn to be bigger forces of organized terrorism and can operate in a faraway land against Egypt’s interests. Unfortunately, the ill-fated SCAF post January 25th 2011 have pardoned thousands of such terrorists and now they are returning the favour to the Egyptian army in Sinai killing over 70 of Egyptian soldiers and wounding hundreds. The mass murder of Egyptian soldiers who were on their way home unarmed on August 18th 2013 have shocked the Egyptian nation and the world, who for some reason still didn’t believe terrorism exists in Egypt.

The soldiers who finished their service in the army were in a minibus and were forced to exit the bus. They were thrown on the ground with hands tied and then shot on the head. The barbarity of these militants has reached a new height and it’s a blatant shame that the world is turning their head away and playing the blame game on the Egyptian government. Further attacks on the Egyptian army and intelligence Head quarters in Sinai continues like the terrorist attack on the 11th of September on Egyptian army Intelligence branch in Rafah, killing six and injuring many more.

The interrogations for the captured terrorists have already revealed that they were funded directly by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt to create havoc upon the ouster of Morsi. That mayhem became a weekly weekend schedule of the Muslim Brotherhood thugs to disrupt the transportation and clash with other citizens. The citizens being vigilant to them usually counterattack them. The police and army forces end up separating them and arresting many of them.

Moreover, Egyptian security forces have stepped up their presence in the streets, schools, churches as Muslim Brotherhood affiliated thugs and terrorists have threatened to even attack school busses and underground metro carriages and stations.

On the other hand, Obama along with many US politicians didn’t take a hint from Islamists storming US Embassy on Morsi’s watch last year. They even planted Al Qaeda flag on top of it in September 2012 during riots for Anti-Islamic movie produced in USA in an unprecedented event in Egyptian history. Instead Morsi didn’t apologize and used a populist rhetoric to appease his Islamists extremists supporters in Egypt.

US and EU sending envoys and foreign dignitaries from Egypt has been futile as they are usually of the flip flop politicians like John McCain who so far has been out of control even since he lost the presidential elections against Obama. McCain is a man of contradictions and his senility is becoming even clearer by the day. McCain is becoming the Muslim Brotherhood international terrorist organization best friend and their salesman in the US and Middle East region. His position seems to be very different from his own view in February 2011 just days before the ouster of Mubarak in Egypt. Back then he called Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization in his interview in German periodical Der Spiegel on February 6th 2011.

Neither McCain nor the entire US senate will convince the majority of Egyptians who have experienced the Muslim Brotherhood terrorism for 8 decades that they are not terrorists. McCain’s hypocrisy, double standards along with other senators and Obama administration officials, will not change facts on the ground or change the views of the terrorism battered Egyptians about the mother of all terrorist organizations.

The Future of the Muslim brotherhood, other Islamists groups and cults are likely to resemble the current Neo Nazi groups in Europe or the USA. They will pose no serious threat to the ongoing rebuilding of the democratic institutions or process in the long term future in Egypt. Yet, they will continue to act as hordes of thugs. They might still receive implicit and occasional blessings of some of their allies like the Obama administration or implicitly from political clowns like John McCain as well the likes of the Turkish Führer Erdogan . These politicians who are still in a state of shock that their plans to install puppet Islamists regimes all over the Middle East led by Turkey have failed. These Islamists hordes may stifle the quick progress expected in the Egyptian economy post Morsi but will not hinder Egypt’s long term goals more than Neo-Nazi groups do in Germany or any other European country.

Currently, the Muslim brotherhood strategy is try to sow disagreements and divisions in the Egyptians society and with the help of Islamists regimes like in Turkey and their allies, they plan to overtake some governorates in Upper Egypt or Sinai to declare independent but that sick dream is farfetched. The Egyptian state has been unified for about 6,000 years and no Egyptian will allow any of that to happen for the sake of some terrorist leaders who are facing charges of terrorism and high reason.

As all the above planning failed, the real face of the Muslim Brotherhood was unmasked, a terrorist plan was initiated for bombing government buildings. That plan included an indiscriminate terrorist bombing in a failed attempt to assassinate the ministry of interior in a vile repetition for the 7th time of attempts to assassinate ministers of interior since the 1940′s till now.

The most effective victory strategy of the war on terrorism is cutting the serpents head of the terrorist leaders of the past decades who are mainly the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group. As long as that cult-like international terrorist organization still exists in Egypt in its many faces and facades , Egyptians will never experience the peace and progress they deserve. For countless years, Egyptians lived through emergency laws, lack of freedoms and fear from rulers under pretext of combating that group and its terrorist allies.

Furthermore, despite these substantial damages and casualties among the brave soldiers and officers of Egyptian army and police , the latter have pounded the infrastructure of the Terrorists networks operated in Egypt and financed by the Muslim Brotherhood and their financiers world wide. Egyptian Army and Police have killed , injured and arrested hundreds of these militants. Among them are Egyptians, Syrians , Palestinians, Pakistanis and Afghanis fighting for the terrorist groups. The war on terrorism might take some time to reach the desired victory but Egyptians backing their army and police will prevail and declare Egypt as a terrorism free nation once and for all.

For further information and videos on the terrorist attacks on Egyptian Government building, churches, property and security forces please check the blog by Researcher and writer Eman Nabieh. This one about the continuous vindictive assault on the Christians and their places of worship by the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

The mini-Auschwitz of Rabaa encampment

What is an encampment that is filled with armed fascists who are systematically torturing their opponents daily till death? Well Auschwitz or similar Nazi torture camps from WWII comes to the mind of the reader. However in the year 2013 such a camp existed, run by terrorists ranging Muslim Brotherhoods military wings all the way to Al Qaeda elements. This encampment has witnessed over 11 documented tortures till death cases by Islamist extremist’s elements and the victims’ bodies were found in thrown outside its premises. Amnesty international have condemned in a report issued on August 2nd 2013 the systematic torture till death that is taking place in that horror camp. Added to that over 20 other bodies were wrapped in shrouds and police reports that they have been killed days early due to state of rot in them and carry torture marks.

This is the same camp that USA and EU government have asked the Egyptian authorities to treat as peaceful protestors and not to storm. But these very same governments are quite hypocritical in their positions due to the fact that none of these governments would endure such an encampment that includes armed Islamist extremists in the downtown city centre of any of their cities like New York, Brussels, Berlin, London, Paris, etc.

Not only the encampment was composed of armed protestors who are not just using violence against pedestrians but practicing torture and inciting violence against the army while calling to form an alternative “Free” army like the Syrian civil war. One would wonder which government can tolerate this nonsense on its territory and for how long. The Egyptian new government and army have exercised extreme levels of patience for over a month. Much peaceful protests especially those of Occupy Movement from USA all the way to Turkey were dealt with extreme force and in some cases police brutality like in Istanbul Gezi Park. The Egyptian Police raiding this encampment used the ultimate restrain otherwise a massacre including thousands could have been done. The police warned all the armed protestors at 6 O’clock in the morning that they should leave peacefully and gave them one last chance after waiting and negotiating for 45 days. The encampment was arming and barricading itself every single day and it became like stronghold for militants. The result of which took the lives of dozens of policeman trying to raid it.

The hypocritical positions of many politicians around the world calling a firing back at militants in the encampment a massacre raises the question what these governments would have done in a similar situation? Would they allow citizens in their democratic countries to turn into armed militants to capture, torture and kill other opposition in their cities? If that is the case why the governments of UK, Spain, France, USA and Turkey have taken very harsh measures against the peaceful Occupy movement members as opposed to militants’ encampments in the heart of Cairo?

Another question is how many Egyptian citizens and soldiers will have to die as well as how many churches and government buildings have to be burned for Western government to declare Muslim Brotherhood cult as a terrorist group similar to Al Qaeda. If they don’t why have they and NATO declared war on Afghanistan because whatever Al Qaeda is doing there, it’s not any different from what they are doing in Egypt.

This camp of terror alone would have warranted the complete ban of the Muslims Brotherhood and affiliates activities in Egypt.

Political performance of Egypt’s new Regime:

The political composition of the new appointed government and president after June30th revolution looked promising to a great extent at least on paper. The new interim Egyptian President is Honorable Judge Adly Mansour who is the highest judge in the prestigious Constitutional Court of Egypt. Vice President is former IAEA Nuclear Watchdog and Peace Noble Prize Winner Dr. Mohamed El Baradei . Prominent Economist Dr.Hazem El Biblawy is the new Prime minister with Ambassador Nabil Fahmy as Egypt’s New Foreign Minister. The team that included a lot of other prominent names looks promising especially at a time that Egypt is rebounding to the right track again.

However, that initial impression was proven not to be as shining as it appeared to be. From day one it seemed that the new government doesn’t have their priorities arranged in the proper order and they are falling in the trap of the Muslim Brotherhood who plan to make them look like amateurs and unsuccessful.

The shining example for this is the indecisiveness against the continuous riots of the Islamists and their violent activities in Cairo and many major cities. The new government seems to be scared of a backlash from the western government than care for the public opinion of Egyptians who entrusted them to this task.

One can use some famous movie terms like that of the “Godfather” played by the legendary Al Pacino as Michael Coleone on Mohamed El Baradei and can describe him “He is not a wartime Consigliere” Indeed Al Baradei can write some inspirational articles , a few interesting interviews with famous TV anchors and some nice tweets on the Social Media Twitter. However, he is not a strong leader or a skillful politician and the damage Egypt has faced because of him jumping the ship was enormous and emboldened the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood false position in the eyes of the international community. Especially those who are still under the spell of their fascist propaganda machine led by Qatari Al Jazeerah Network and other paid lobbyists and western propagandists.

What unites many Supporters of Morsi and El Baradei is wishful thinking. They envision them as politicians and leaders far beyond their actual very limited capabilities. Alas, these supporters always face disappointment. El Baradei is theoretically a good leader but his capabilities as a politician are severally lacking. He has been given way too much credit for literally saying what most activists and journalists did before and after Mubarak for decades. But the status of Mohamed El Baradei as former UN Nuclear Watchdog and a Nobel Laureate led many Egyptians to view him as the knight in shining armour who can lead Egypt to a new era of democracy. Sadly, he failed most of his supporters even the hardcore amongst them by his complacency and lack of action under pressure during times of crisis.

On the other hand, there is light years difference between President Mansour 9-15 minutes strong concise speeches and the 2.5 hours snooze-fest ones of Morsi. Mr. Mansour who hardly ever smiles still exudes confidence and the ability to restore serenity. Many Egyptians find him a respectable politician despite not being really in comparison to the political circus during Morsi’s era. Mansour still exudes of maybe confident though lacking the charismatic features that are enjoyed by Col.General El Sisi who manages to stir up the positive emotions of most Egyptians after his speeches.

Moreover, Prime Minister El Biblawy new government has been taking serious steps in curbing down on the extremists TV networks

However, Biblawy’s government is still short of formulating a proper strategy to curb on the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists violence against the state and society. Despite declaring emergency law, that law was never really implemented and all the Muslim Brotherhood leaders were arrested and sent to court based on proper legal procedures. Hence the emergency law is nearly useless with the exception of the curfew part of it . The curfew helped the security forces to crack down on militants and Muslim Brotherhood violent sympathizers and saved thousands of lives in the process.

Nevertheless, El Biblawy as a veteran prominent economists may have been working hard to restore the Egyptian economy and may have already stop the bleeding of the economy at least momentarily thanks to the help of the Gulf states like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Emirates. However, as a politician he is still treading very cautiously in many issues like security and facing the violence decisively with decisive political decrees.

Ironically , a good number of the ministers in the new cabinet including Prime Minister El Biblawy were among the experts ,activists and politicians who were hosted almost on daily basis in Night talk shows criticizing the performance of Mubarak era regimes and also criticizing cabinets post Janurary 2011 revolution. Yet, when given the chance to actually implement what they have been preaching for years , they have shown incompetence and started mentioning the same excuses that their predecessors used which is really disappointing and indicates a serious lack of leadership and visionaries in the Egyptian political spectrum.

Problems like security , traffic, transportations, electricity and basic services may have slightly improved in comparison to the dark era of Morsi. However, there seem to be no real long term solutions for these problems in the minds of the new interim government. Egyptians have given Biblawy cabinet a Carte Blanche to resolve all these pending issues as fast as humanly possible and have been quite patient in expecting any tangible results. That patience is not likely to last forever thought. The drawback in this case is that the average Egyptian is losing confidence in almost all non-military politicians and they seem to be more and more leaning towards a military oriented governance.

The future of democracy in Egypt will suffer due to the inexperience and incompetence of the political players as more Egyptians are unfortunately on the brink of losing faith in the democratic process in general. It’s up to this government as well as activists and politicians to guide Egyptians to keep their faith in democracy during these hard days.

Egypt post June30th deserve a much better and politically minded cabinet than that of El Biblawy and most of his ministers with the exception of the Foreign, Interior and Defense minister who are actually taking proper steps to restore security as well as the international status of Egypt.

Cleaning up the Egyptian House

“You can never plan the future with the past” -Edmund Burke

This is not one of the Marxists or communist conspiracy theories but one would have to be completely gullible or blind to realize that there is are no political factions in Egypt that aims to destabilize the nation in favour of ideological and personal gains . These illiberal and anti- nationalist factions can be found all over Egypt in small groups that don’t believe in Egypt as a state or in Egyptian Nationalism. They are in fact believers of the ill fated concept of Caliphate and the rule of the enlightened one , whether that is a Caliphate or a supreme religious leader like in the Iranian case.

These elements have been working silently for decades and surprisingly left untouched by the National security apparatus despite these cells have been plotting against the security of the Egyptian state.

Fortunately enough and one of the few advantages post the January 25th revolution is the all masks have been uncovered. All those who had the Islamists agendas that is working against the Egyptian state have surfaced and surprisingly found their way to the Egyptian media who made them overnight stars.

Egyptians seeking to protect their liberties and state are now tasked to combat these creeping ideologies that found their way into Egypt either through the infiltrating Wahhabism doctrines or others. The past period post January 25th revolution has revealed a lot issues that has to be handled tactfully and decisively in the upcoming years . That has to be done or these issues will hinder economic, social or political progress Egypt has the potential to achiever. Among these issues are the following:

1.Sectarianism Issues

Sectarianism and minority issues have exploded out of proportions in the Morsi era more than time in Modern Egyptian history. In Rural areas of Upper Egypt for example, some Christians were not allowed to vote under coercion and threats from the rabid extremists in these villages. Churches including the main Coptic Cathedral in Cairo were subjected to attacks and torching. Despite the efforts from the society and the security forces as well as the clerics of both Islamic and Christian faith to curb this phenomenon, they still fall short from any serious result to end this infestation spread by Islamists in the past decades especially during Morsi’s era.

The rule of the law must be upheld by any means to protect civil liberties of all Egyptians alike and not just Christians, this should cover as well other minorities like Baha’is and Shi’a among all others. Attacking a place of worship should be treated as a capital offense and warrants a life in Prison in case there are no human casualties. Deterrence will only be the key to restoring order and harmony, as it is the only language that extremist do understand.

However, law will never work while extremist clerics are given airtime in all major media outlets to spew their hatred publicly and issue “Fatwas” of killing those who oppose them like what used to happen during Morsi. The New Government decision of shutting down 4 of these hatred TV networks is a first step but will not be enough to clean up the mess left during the past decades when these TV networks of hate were licensed to operate as religious channels and they have nothing to do with the Islamic faith except the title.

2. Security

People taking the law in their own hand and hanging criminals from trees is not a scene from a John Wayne western movie but an actual reality in some villages in Egypt where the rule of the law is long gone after January 25th 2011. The situation in Egypt post the June30th revolution was extremely violent for several weeks in a row. However, eventually the Egyptian security forces and army managed to restore order in a large part of the nation. Over 60 churches were burned in rural areas which don’t enjoy a high level of security presence and the vile Muslim Brotherhood thugs have managed to torch even a 1500 years old Historical monastery among many others Museums,Government and private buildings.

Egyptian Police forces have been doing a tremendous effort in the months that followed June30th and over 100 officers and soldiers from the police force got killed heroically in the process. The Police is urged to continue their efforts in the upcoming days and continue their zZero-tolerance policies towards violence or any form of intimidation to the Egyptian public by Islamist militants or others.

Furthermore , it’s extremely important to realize that the security of Egypt starts with the borders . Reports surface now that thousands of Hamas terrorists may have acquired Egyptian identification cards by orders of Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. Reports said that it would have been a first step for them to buy lands and reside in Sinai as a future plan to shift the population of Gaza into Sinai as part of a final settlement to the Palestinian/Israeli struggle. The reports about this plan are still vague despite some analysts vow by their authenticity. It’s extremely important that Egyptian authorities and border control revise and revoke all these Identification cards if they were proven to be the Terrorist Hamas activists.

Tightening the security all over Egypt without causing disturbance or infringing the civil liberties and rights of citizens is a key challenge for the Egyptian authorities in the upcoming period. Succeeding in that direction will be key to reviving Egyptian economy, restoring faith of international investors , resurrecting the Egyptian tourism industry and most importantly restoring Egyptian’ faith in their country for a better future.

3.International Diplomacy

When the renowned Egyptian school of diplomacy became dormant in the past decade, countries like Qatar were able to have a say and use the immense gas and oil wealth to buy the influence in European and North American media and political players It’s not acceptable the biggest country in the Middle East and oldest nation on the planet would be under the mercy or the ambitions of the smallest country in the same region with an actual total history of a middle aged man.

While Qatar is treated by the USA as a military launching pad for the operations in the region among which the war on Iraq is launched, but Qatar has used its abundant oil and gas wealth to gain power among world political players. This was done through the Qatar Holding Company that is buying shares in all sorts of enterprieses including sports, media, commerical and industrial ones.

This bizarre situation cannot go on longer and Egyptian diplomacy with an Embassy in almost every country on earth should have been more active in presenting the Egyptian nation case to the world and exposing the fraudulent reports from Al Jazeera, CNN , Guardian among others. Otherwise, Egyptian economy is better off saving the money spend on these missions worldwide as Egypt haven’t sent these diplomats and families to enjoy long vacations and cocktail parties abroad.

Throughout the previous decades, some Egyptian diplomats all over the world seem to be under the impression that they are on a long paid vacation in the country they were sent to. That impression should end and time for many of these diplomats to earn their wages and regain the trust of Egyptians. Some of them actually feel and act like they are employees for the country hosting them and not diplomatic missionaries of the Egyptian state and people. A more proactive diplomacy is in order now more than ever and over a decade of complacence and reactionary diplomacy did cost Egypt a lot internationally in the past few years . It’s noteworthy that now the Egyptian diplomacy is starting to witness revitalization led by the current Foreign minister Nabil Fahmy but how successful he will be is yet to be seen.

4. Secularism of Egyptian Politics:

As mentioned in multiple previous articles that mixing religion and politics will lead Egypt to an abyss of destruction and mayhem and hence secularism is the only passage that guarantees Egypt unity and progress. Unfortunately so far indications that some articles in the new constitution being written to be set for referendum still includes tricky religious articles that will be up for interpretations. This is the same mistake that Egyptians has been doing for decades and made it worse post January 2011 revolution by including Islamic Parties in the scene. The result is the civil conflict now in Egypt .

Accordingly, a full ban on the Muslim Brotherhood activities in Egypt’s including for Egypt’s long term national security and social safety. The reason is that these parties have shown that they can act as Trojans for international intervention and they can be easily swayed towards causes that can hurt Egypt’s future and national security.

Furthemore, despite Egyptian courts decided to ban the activities of the Brotherhood and seize all the headquarters, branches and assets. The shaken Biblawy Cabinet still refuses to abide by the court ruling with the excuse of waiting for final decree from higher court. The banning of such Islamist group is imperative as they practice day light treachery against the Egyptian state. Last of which is calling upon USA and NATO forces to intervene directly in Egypt by the recently arrested treacherous spokesman of the brotherhood Gehad El hadad in favour of restoring their Islamist president.

Aside from the fact that no sane international politician will listen to such drivel from the likes of El Haddad, they still represent a clear and present danger in Egypt’s highest national interests and security alongside most of the other Islamist parties who follow suit.

The Muslim brotherhood as a cult of blood and terror has managed to survive since 1928 in the shadows of society and have recruited countless politicians, clergymen, activists, writers and journalists throughout their 85 years. Egyptians should be aware of this fact that this group will continue to try and survive through such Trojans. Without battling the teachings of brotherhood founder Hassan El Banna and realizing that it’s the source of most violence taking place in the world now there will be no real peace in the nations of the Middle East and consequently the rest of the world where the brotherhood members reside.

The call from European and USA politicians for inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood in the new political system in Egypt would be the same as calling upon the German and the Austrian government for the including of the Nazis in their post WWII government. Egypt should not consider these calls for inclusion especially from anyone who has been affiliated with the ideologies of the brotherhood or propagated their beliefs.

Finally, a Nuremberg styled trials should be assembled to judge the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists groups involved in the terrorist attacks before and after the June 30th revolution.

The secularization of Egypt is a long term plan that should include educational, cultural and media plans to succeed in the long run. The June30th revolution should inspire such plans as a real protection for the Egyptian nation from repeating such a scenario in the near or distant future with Islamists again.

Egypt’s inevitable battle for Liberty

The most glorious moments in your life are not the so-called days of success, but rather those days when out of dejection and despair you feel rise in you a challenge to life, and the promise of future accomplishments.

Gustave Flaubert

Egyptians have successfully passed a very hard test that many nations have failed especially when theological extremists take power. These nations failed that test and succumbed to the will of their new holier-than-thou rulers but not the oldest nation on this planet. They have rose like a phoenix from the ashes and took to the streets again. They ousted a man who thought of himself to be the next Caliph or he who rules in the name of God.

Egyptians are no strangers to religion and they revere religions of all sorts but ruling with strict Shara’a laws that are actually human interpretations of the Quran is not acceptable by modern Egyptians short of their extremists Islamists factions. Egyptians are pious but they are not fanatical .They don’t want to rule by religious fascism or militias roaming in the streets and striking terror in people’s hearts.

Ironically after June 30th revolution , Egyptians have been receiving advice from citizens of almost every major country in the world with the exception so far being Cuba and North Korea who still didn’t send the Egyptians their valuable advice about democracy. The advice seems to be flooding Egyptians as to how should they practice democracy from many countries that are suffering from bankruptcy, rampant corruption, and tyranny of some form and in certain cases civil wars.

The whole world seemed to find Egypt as their favorite hobby and entertainment for the summer of 2013. All of a sudden almost 7 billion people around the planet turned to overnight Egyptian politics experts and contributing advice night and day.

Furthermore, EU, USA and with some of their allies should know and understand that cordial diplomatic and commercial relations are not a given and Egypt can show the other face against those who meddle in its internal affairs. So Far Egyptian politicians have been either too calm or too lenient towards the assault orchestrated by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood allies in the world. Egypt is a regional power and a former super power in history that will not bend to any nation desire but to the will of its own people.

The American and European politicians should comprehend that standing against the will of Egypt will not change anything but the cordial relations that they enjoyed with the Egyptian state and people throughout the past decades. Siding with terrorists under the false and abysmal claims of the Human rights which apparently only includes Islamists, Muslim Brotherhood Members and disregarding the rest of Egyptians including Muslims, Christians and others, will always produce counter results.

Unfortunately, a lot of Politicians in the USA and European Union have wagered their credibility and long term relations with Egypt for the same people whom the claimed to fight as terrorists for decades. They insist on reinstalling a tyrannical and theological regime that has tortured and humiliated Egyptian citizens or they will enforce so called sanctions. Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and many others will not be remembered as friends of the Egyptian people but the allies of terrorists and their enemies. They even forget intentionally and hide the facts from their nations that whatever aid they provide for Egypt , their nations earn back tenfold. This is due to the imports by Egypt of their products which in case of sanctions , will hurt their own more than Egypt.

On the other side, the Arab Gulf states Like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait have shown Egyptians extreme generosity at a time of peril and need and have assisted Egyptian politically and economically in face of the continues pressures from the USA and European union. The USA and EU countries who have been promising the world to Egypt after the January 2011 revolution had sent than 2 Billion dollars of aid were reached which doesn’t even represent 10% of the promised aid. The Gulf States have paid almost tenfold that number in the weeks that followed June30th revolution and promised to support Egyptians to get back on their feet.

It goes without saying , that the Gulf States have vested interests to keep Egypt away from the grip of the Muslim Brotherhood as they all have experienced firsthand how the Muslim Brotherhood have plotted against the Monarchy regimes in these countries for the past decades. Hence, Muslim Brotherhood holding a grip in Egypt means that they have the resources and the army of the biggest country in the Middle East to carry out their plans against them. However, the average Egyptian don’t care about the complexities of these calculations and feel thankful to their counterparts and the ruling regime for coming to the rescue at dire times.

Accordingly, the vested interests and good relations between these nations as well as Bahrain and Jordan with Egypt have led them to be keen on Egypt’s stability and the safety of the Egyptian army. The same army that helped these nations before in 1990 against the ruthless invasion of Saddam forces to Kuwait and ambitions in the rest of the Gulf States.

These are times in history that deeds are never forgotten by nations whether they are good or bad and European Politicians stood against the best interests of most Egyptians in that case and followed blindly the Obama administration. Lucky for them the awareness levels among Egyptians are high to distinguish between government and nations. So Egyptians still have feel warm to the support of many like Americans, Europeans , Turkish and many others as opposed to their hypocritical governments position.

Furthemore, Egyptians are tasked now to reorganize their political efforts for another round of political elections coming up. Political parties should stop wasting their time in issues regarding security and prepare their election programs for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Moreover, last thing Egypt would need now are more of these young, adventurous, inexperienced international reporters with the wannabe Indiana Jones (George Lucas Masterpiece movie) or Lara Croft (Video Games and movies female character) mentalities . They visit to Egypt with zero knowledge about the complex , cultured and ancient society seeking some quick fame or flashy stories with a lot of sensationalism. Due to the pressing economic crisis especially with the media outlets in USA and EU , many of these, choose to send such inexperienced reporterss for they will not charge much as wages. These reporters were mostly aiming to earn a few dollars and taking a few photos with the locals while they are dressed in white hats similar to that of Indiana Jones to impress their peers in college and the neighbourhood on how well travelled and adventurous they are.

These adventurers usually get a cultural shock that Egypt is not the exotic, vast desert they thought it would be and Egyptians are a complex society and much more intricate than even their own native societies. These kinds of reporters have caused a lot of troubles with their mostly shallow reports throughout the period post January 25th. Renowned media outlets have wagered their hard earned reputations by sending these amateurs. They are advised to reconsider these polices as media credibility reputations once lost are hardly gained again.

Furthermore, it’s advisable that Egyptian media should stop their infatuation of drawing comparisons between El Sisi and other political historical figures like Late President Nasser for example.

It’s ironical and ridiculous that patriotic Egyptians around the world have been trying to explain to the world the reality that what happened in Egypt is a people’s revolution and not a coup, while the media and some politicians naively propagating and drawing comparison between Col. General El Sisi and President Nasser who actually did a coup against King Farouk in 1952 disposing the Monarchy in Egypt.

Egyptian media is requested to continue the support to the army and police war on terrorism without creating new gods and legends out of El Sisi or anyone involved now. Col. General El Sisi is a great Egyptian patriot and the man of the hour. He is a patriot who is beloved by almost all Egyptians but the greatest favour and tribute that all can provide for him is not creating a new Demi-God out of him.

What the western media doesn’t comprehend that the June30th revolution was the best thing that happened in Egypt and the region since the beginning of the so called Arab Spring which was turning eventually to an Islamist nuclear Winter. The Islamists who hijacked these revolutions weren’t so keen to share power or establish any democracy. The aim for a Caliphate was always and will ever be the aim of all Islamists who believe national borders don’t count.

Finally, The Muslim brotherhood has made their historical endgame in Egyptian modern history by launching a war on the National Army of Egypt and instigating a war against it from terrorists around the world and that to patriotic Egyptians the taboo that they can never accept.

Most Egyptians now have finally realized that planning for a modern Egyptian s tate utilizing these Islamists’ ideologies is similar to planning a trip to planet Mars utilizing a steam engine.

The whole world will soon realize that the only country that is actually vehemently fighting terrorism without obscure plans of controlling central Asian, Middle Eastern oil or any other financial gains is actually Egypt.


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