Fight like an Egyptian: Egypt’s Inevitable Battle for Liberty (Part 1)

“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right- a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world” – Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Rarely the world witnesses a nation rising from a deep and long dormant state like they did with Egypt. When this takes place, it usually takes the world by storm and especially when in happens to the oldest nation on the planet. Egyptians have once again marveled the civilized world by their tenacity, unity and resolve to oust a petty tyrant who for some reason thought he is in total control of a great nation. Little did Morsi know that neither he nor his terrorist sponsoring group of so called Muslim Brotherhood can redefine the concept of the nation in the eyes of Egyptians.

Most of the misled Egyptians who voted for the ousted tyrant Morsi were under the impression that the 84 years old propaganda of the Muslim Brotherhood was true. They believed they had the magical solutions for their problems and the key to all happiness. Also the tempting ticket to heaven was also included in the package as for them. Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists propagated for years that voting for them and their bogus “Islamist Project” was the ticket for heaven to every citizen. Egyptians who voted for them are usually from the poorer sectors of society are paying the prices of naivety and credulity in trusting the whole rhetoric of Islamists.

The 30th of June Revolution

What was destined to happen on December 4th 2012 was pushed to a newer date and that was 30th June 2013. On December 4th 2012 the Egyptians were livid as a result of Mohamed Morsi’s tyrannical edict that effectively turned him from a presumably elected president into a Demi-God. Millions have taken the streets in protests and actually besieged the Presidential palace in Heliopolis while calling for the ousting of Morsi for creating a new tyrannical state.

Unfortunately, in December 4th the Egyptians were still divided thanks to the frailing and indecisive opposition leaders like the NSA (National Salvation Front). Consequently, the move was not met by the necessary success and was crushed by the violence of the Muslim Brotherhood in front of the presidential palace in Heliopolis. However, December 4th protests signaled a strong warning to the president who lost all legitimacy that his days as president are numbered shouldn’t he revoke his dictatorial policies. These policies have even pushed a new constitution that was written overnight by an unconstitutional council Al Shura “Upper house” that was elected by 6% of eligible voters. Moreover the vote riggings and the fraudulent acts have tainted the referendum over it to the extent of finding marked ballot cards cases in the streets.

Evidently, Morsi didn’t take a hint from protests and pursued his ambitions for full hegemony for him and his Muslim Brotherhood group on the hinges of the country. Simultaneously, Prime Minister Hisham Kandeel appointed and protected by Morsi was taking Egyptian Economy into a nosedive. Egypt reached its worst economic situation in decades only after less than a year from his appointment. Unemployment, hunger, draught, crimes have surged dramatically during his reign. Apart from that, shortages of electrical power, drinking water, fuel, various essential medicines and drugs are being reported to be in shortage all over the country.

Human Rights abuses became prevalent and involving elements of Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists united against secular and liberal activists. Even common people in many cases were not spared from the scourge of Islamists abuses in many documented cases. Sinai slowly became the next Waziristan(Pakistan) with security breaches that resulted in the numerous attacks and killings of Egyptian army and police soldiers.

Accordingly, 30th of June protests and the Tamarod “Mutiny” movement demanded Morsi to step down and call for new elections which he and his Muslim Brotherhood group rejected and took lightly.

The militant Pro Muslim brotherhood factions threatened that they will quell the uprising by all means of violence repeatedly. Thanks to the army and police efforts their efforts to spread violence are curbed despite their existence in the formations 2 terrorist’s encampments they have formed in Rabaa and Nahda and later dispersed by the police and army after about 45 days. These procedures by the army have significantly decreased the projected casualties should Pro Morsi militias were left to cause mayhem.

Before the revolution over 100 people were killed by Muslim Brotherhood Militias during Morsi one year reign. Moreover, days before over 11 were killed nearby the Headquarters of the brotherhood by sniper fire before Morsi’s ousting. As a consequence General Attorney warranted the arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and several d other Brotherhood leader to investigate their responsibility of the killings of protestors.

As a result of the continued by Pro-Morsi thugs since June 30th, the Egyptian state declared a temporary state of emergency and a curfew that is being lifted as the security situation improves. It’s estimated that over 1000 Egyptians have been killed in many cities since June 30th as a result of violence, torching and bombings in several Egyptian cities by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists terrorist. That number includes hundreds of Egyptian police and army men and victim of the brotherhood terrorism.

Accordingly, the security apparatus and Army are actively dealing with violent and terrorists elements and a new defensive operation has been initiated called “Iron Wall” to protect the capital Cairo from any terrorists approaching from Sinai or others. Despite the increasing casualties among citizens and security alike, the efforts have been very effective and successful in the months of July and August to thwart the Muslim Brotherhood plans to push Egypt into a civil war that would warrant some international intervention according to their own understanding.

As anticipated, the Muslim Brotherhood resisted the peaceful June 30th protests violently and it became worse which led the army to form a new government and ousted the illegitimate President Mohamed Morsi. The way they have resisted the protests has sealed their fate as a political entity as they have resorted to extreme violence, vandalism and terrorism against the people, the police and the army. Hence the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood is now more warranted than any time in history. Their political future as an entity is not going to be bright unless splinter cells and entities and parties spawn from the mother group or cult and pretend to be democratic players. But the name of the Muslim Brotherhood is tainted forever in Egypt.

Egypt Post the June 30th revolution :

The assignment Head of the World ranked prestigious Constitutional court of Egypt to be an interim president should have given the world a positive signal that Egypt is moving towards reestablishing its democratic institutions properly. However, that was completely neglected by western media and they kept asserting that this is a Coup D’état. For some reason they didn’t treat January 2011 revolution the same way despite it was the same conditions with the exception that the Supreme Council of Armed forces SCAF ran the country after Mubarak’s abdication.

In the current situation as the army has to be involved in to tighten the nuts and bolts of a divided nation at least for 2 years. Despite the consistent calls for quick election, there is no need to rush for new elections before stabilizing economy and creating some social stability among other priorities. However, this time post June30th the army has chosen to take a backseat from politics and get involved in fighting the terrorism around the country especially in Sinai. The Army led by Col.General El Sisi is now regarded as heroes and El Sisi is considered the Man of the Hour by most Egyptians for saving Egypt from a dark fate at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood by answering the calls of 33 million people who rallied massively demanding the fall of the Islamist regime.

The army involvement saved Egypt a long civil war that would have created a Syrian like age scenario which at some point seemed to be what many were aiming to have in Egypt especially the Pro-Islamists camp in Europe and Middle East. Luckily, their efforts were thwarted thanks to the decisive action by the Egyptian army and police with the support of the majority of Egyptians.

Western and Pro-Islamists Media blunders covering the July 30 Revolution:

It can be easily labeled as a day of shame in history of CNN along many other once reliable International news outlets. The famous reporters whom Egyptians relied upon for a balanced and unbiased coverage resorted all of a sudden to cheap, unclear and unprofessional reporting. Many have been acting as if they are targeted by the peaceful June30th masses and all they cared is to try to taint the uprising by violence labels.

In January 25th 2011 revolution, Western media were so chuffed and satisfied with an approximately 5 million Egyptians protesting in 2011 that hardly included upper Egyptians cities at all to be labeled as a “Revolution”. Nevertheless, many of them including prominent outlets like, CNN, BBC, Der Spiegel, Washington post, etc. could not grant the same courtesy to over 33 Million who took the streets on June 30th 2013, protesting against a tyrannical rule and demanding the fall of the Islamist regime. These outlets Yelled “COUP” as if they haven’t been on the ground for months and knowing that this move was planned months earlier.

Wolf Blitzer the veteran anchor of CNN looked like he was struck by lightning as the news banner behind him explicitly says : “Coup in Egypt : Military Ousts Morsi” and detailing how is he the first elected president. Blitzer along CNN correspondent Ben Wedeman had an Aljazeera style fact twisting moment and didn’t seem to bother about the millions rallying in the scenes and footages behind Wedeman. They insisted on calling it a Coup against a democratically elected president. For the untrained eye that seemed like a right thing to say but for the experienced newsmen and political analysts that was first grade bogus reporting. The simple facts known to any Middle East observer or expert seemed to have disappeared from their coverage.

Some of these facts can be summarized as follows:

1. Morsi lost legitimacy on November 22nd 2012 when he breached his oath as an elected president and issued an Edict granting himself unlimited powers never before attained by any Egyptian leader since the Pharaohs.

2. The grassroots movement Tamarod (Mutiny, Rebellion) incepted on 28th April 2013 was aiming to collect 15 million signatures for a petition for an early election. They managed to achieve an incredible 22 Million signed petitions before 30th of June which are a little short of twice as much the number who voted for Morsi during the controversial presidential elections (13 million).

3. Morsi was invited to call for new elections as demanded by the masses and the Tamarod movement to save the day. Instead, Morsi insisted on pushing the country forward to civil conflict and said he will protect his reign or so called legitimacy with “Blood” on June 2nd speech.

4. Since November 2012 the army observing the rapidly deteriorating situation, has called upon all political parties to convene and settle all the differences on negotiation table. Initially Morsi accepted but later he contacted Colonel General El Sisi and asked him to withdraw this invitation.

5. Similar invitations by the army to contain the ever escalating situations were sent throughout the year of 2013. All the way, to the famous June 23rd ultimatum and one week before 30th of June revolution. This ultimatum has called upon the president and all parties to convene and accept the will of the Egyptian people for an open political system and early elections to save Egypt from falling into political turmoil.

6. 30th June, the most massive revolution in the mankind recorded history estimated between 25 million to 33 million in every major city and town in Egypt . Followed by similar gatherings on July 3rd and July 26th in support of democracy and against Morsi and the ruling Muslim Brotherhood terrorist cult. The July 26th massive rallies were in support of the army war against terrorism led by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

7. Military coup d’état are usually violent overtake of power and never preceded by any of the above mentioned steps and procedures aside from the fact the people are never a part of the equation but the opposite of all that exactly happened.

Furthermore, Coups involve arrests to all leaders of the former regime who are put to trial in a military tribunal and given mostly death penalties. With the exception of the 34 leaders who were wanted for questioning by courts for their break out of Jail in Jan 2011, none were arrested except those who openly incited violence against people and on the Egyptian army and called for “Jihad” in an act of high treason. These leaders were actually indicted during Morsi’s reign despite the pressures on the Judiciary from the likes of Essam Sultan, Abou El Ela Madi and El Beltagy are wanted for questioning as suspects of that charge with documented videos, press statements and recordings of their direct involvement in inciting and supporting terrorism in Egypt.

8. The excuse that most western media outlets consider that Morsi was an elected President and hence cannot be ousted, can always be answered back that so was Hitler and Mussolini, an elected president is not an elected Demi-God. Otherwise, why did Americans filed for impeaching Nixon despite in comparison to Morsi, the former should be nominated for sainthood by the Vatican. What Nixon did and warranted his impeachment was spying on his rival democratic party. On the other hand, Morsi tortured, imprisoned Egyptians and even betrayed the country with foreign operatives and terrorist organizations like Hamas among a long list of charges he is facing now. That will not just warrant is impeachment but Morsi will be lucky if he will not face the death penalty for high treason according to Egyptian law.

9. Morsi is the same so called “Democratically elected” president that western media were so shocked months earlier from June30th after a video surfaced from 2010 during a rally in his hometown, in which he mentions the following:

“We must never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews.” Morsi added that Egyptian children “must feed on hatred; hatred must continue”. Yet somehow the same media forgot who was Morsi really is in a flash.

10. Almost a total information and news blackout was imposed on the news of the daily terrorist attacks on soldiers that were coordinated as soon as Morsi was ousted. These attacks and as proven through investigations were initiated by Morsi’s allies and funded mainly by Muslim Brotherhood leader like Mohamed El Beltagy and in coordination with Al Qaeda Leader brother Mohamed El Zawahry who. The reason for this lack of interest by many western media outlets in such horrendous attacks that resulted in over 100 soldiers and policemen dead is still unknown.

For nearly 3 decades many English speaking Egyptians have relied on CNN as a reliable and balanced source for international news. Especially CNN usually featured pro-democracy balanced coverage of news around the world especially about the Middle East. Egyptians got shocked by the amateurish and biased coverage that ignored their pleas for real democracy throughout the one year rule of Morsi and it even got worse when the American international network labeled the 33 Million march for freedom as June30th as a coup.

Not content about this bogus reporting they continued to host mostly pro-Islamists analysts like Muslim Brotherhood propagandist and Person of interest wanted for charges of high treason Gehad El Hadad. For weeks, they treated Gehad El Hadad as a messiah of truth who ironically haven’t spoken the truth or mentioned a single correct fact during an entire wave of interviews with him. El Hadad shamelessly stooped so low to the extent of fabricating photos taken from the casualties of the Civil War in Syria and posting them on his Twitter account as being the result of the violence in Egypt.

Gehad El Haddad did was what any traitor to his country can do by inciting armies and other nations to fight his own nation for a personal agenda and interests. Gehad El Hadad who hardly spent any significant time in Egypt and barely speaks proper Arabic has been treated by CNN anchors as a primary source of information about Egyptian politics neglecting all the real political experts in Egypt. Similar to most Muslim Brotherhood they can fabricate lies with a straight face without flinching. Most of them can have a great career in Poker and card games tournaments after this terrorist group is disbanded.

Furthermore, all the millions blocking the streets and every major square in Egypt in a scene unprecedented in modern history were overlooked by the so called political experts of CNN among a bunch of other western outlets. These media outlets seemed to wish to follow Al Jazeera’s coverage more than provide a professional coverage with integrity of their own. To the extent that shooting videos of Anti-Morsi protests and placing News banners on screen that these are Pro-Morsi rallies demanding his return. This vile coverage went on and on for weeks on papers and on screen without shame or even a proper apology to disregarding the will of Egyptians. For some reason many of these outlets acted high and mighty describing Egyptians as the world worst democrats and not being able to understand democracy.

This draws the following questions on what is democracy in the eyes of CNN and similarly biased western Media outlets?

A. Is a so called “elected president” permitted to allow a terrorist international organization to run the country with him as the puppet in charge?

B. Would a democratically elected President look the other way while his own supporters torturing and killing his opposition in front of the gates of his presidential palace?

C. If Democracy is simply elections in the eyes of CNN and ilk , why did it seem so right in the eyes of American historians to impeach Nixon?

D. Would a democratically elected president sit idle with extremists clerics at his presences in a public speech incite violence and call out to kill the opposition leaders of National Salvation Front which included formal presidential nominees?

E. Would a democratically elected president call off and hinder the investigations about the killing of 16 border watch soldiers in broad daylight in favour of not implicating some of his Jihadist allies in Palestinian Hamas?

F. Most importantly , would a president still retain legitimacy after being investigated of Jail breaking for being imprisoned for charges of high treason among 34 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders?

G. What sort of “COUP” would render the highest judge in the land Honourable Adly Mansour as the interim president and a Peace Nobel Prize Laureate Mohamed El Baradei as his ex- vice president instead of Military Junta like what happened in January 2011 for example?

H. What sort of “COUP” that had all the remnants of a former regime are running rampant and freely and contacting all foreign correspondents and organizing riots? Even their own Muslim Brotherhood official newspaper is still published daily?

I. If what Morsi delivered to Egyptians was a democracy then why all the fuss about the Iranian consecutive regimes who are as hypothetically “Democratically” elected as Morsi was?

J. Since when does an “Elected” president has the right to consolidate all the powers in the nation in his hands upon his election?

Should the situation be reversed and it was Dr. Ahmed Shafiq who was in power instead of Morsi then the coverage would have been likely to be completely different. As the army will be hailed as the hero who saved the day and ousted Dr. Shafiq from power. Moreover, the Brotherhood would have considered it a great revolution and would applaud the army like they did exactly in January 2011. Though January 25th 2011 was a people’s revolution as well but it receives preferential media treatment despite it was supported by a fraction of the number that supported June 30th 2013 revolution.

Accordingly, the Western media outlets would have to decide to either accept both January 2011 and June 2013 as people’s revolutions or render them both as Coups. The reason is that they are almost exactly the same circumstances with the irony that military didn’t take over the rule in June 30th revolution but handed power to interim government. That was the opposite of what they did in January 2011 revolution when they ruled for a year and half later.

All of these considerations are well known to all US, European and other network who foolishly labeled of one the greatest revolutions in human history as a Coup. That’s because the army interfered to avert the possibility of a civil war between nationalist secular Egyptians on one side and Islamists on another.

But if the Egyptian army won’t have interfered to do this who would’ve done it instead and assured the peacefulness of the revolution? Certainly it will not be the Fire brigade or the boy scouts groups in Egypt. No other authority has the legitimacy and capability to protect Egyptian national security other than Egyptian Army aided by the Police force.

Furthermore, none of these media outlets cried foul when Morsi desecrated the constitution and the Egyptian laws continuously but they just vehemently called him like automated robots “Egypt’s First Elected President” contrary to the fact that Mubarak was elected in 2005 as the first elected president of Egypt.

These are simple few examples out of dozens of other examples that proves Morsi had no legitimacy or was even a democratic president to begin with. Morsi’s ousting was warranted as precaution for a possible civil war and shouldn’t the army interfered in the right time, it’s up to the esteemed reader to imagine what 33 million peaceful protestors can actually do in the country if their demands are not met or they are met with violent resistance from the Morsi regimes.

Gehad El Haddad is not the only puppet that was used by western media but there are others who seem to be given large spaces in major publications to write in favour of these western outlets siding with a seemingly evident Obama administration’s vision for an Islamist Middle East. Among these puppets is the Yemeni activist Tawakol Kerman who wrote in the Prestigious Foreign Policy magazine that “Morsi is the Arab World Mandela” .

That above mentioned insane title in a supposedly prestigious magazine was allowed and the integrity of the magazine is now in question. One could envision such a prestigious periodical post World War II whining about the death of Hitler and allowing a writer to publish articles with titles like these “Hitler was the Symbol of European Unity”, Stalin’s Human Rights Legacy” Or maybe “Pol Pot’s Cambodian Social Reformations”

Some may find that an exaggeration, however for any serious unbiased observer Morsi was a Hitler in the making but the difference between him and Hitler , is that Morsi was a puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood international organization while Hitler effectively controlled his Nazi party. That being written by the Yemeni activists, giving advice to Egypt while Al Qaeda is establishing its own caliphate on the remains of the Yemeni republic at the moment.

Many in the western media still shouting “Coup” seemed to forget that Morsi in the last 3 weeks of his reign already declared “Jihad” on Syria and threatened publicly Ethiopia. That is not counting his threats during his presidential campaign against Jews and Israelis. All of that seemed to be forgotten and never mentioned in their daily coverage. Strangely enough he is still being called a democratically elected president who seems in their opinion has the right to do everything without questions.

Some in the western media seem to be caring about the political terms more than the actual reality on the ground. They are in passion with democratic mechanisms (which was none existent during Morsi’s reign in Egypt) than the actual results or the outcome of it. Some think that the democratic mechanisms correct themselves by themselves. However, they looked the other way when Morsi was taking down the pillars of the Egyptian state like the Judiciary System, Media, the Police force and the Army one by one.

Wasn’t it for these 4 pillars making a steadfast stand against Morsi and his terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt would have turned into a religiously fascist country possibly worse than present day Iran. There is more at stake for the region and the world from Egypt turning into a fascist state than Iran or any other in the region.

Al Jazeera, CNN, Washington Post, Der Spiegel are among many names that will always be remembered in the Egyptian’s collective memory that sided with fascism. They justified the extremists actions against Egypt and Egyptian citizens under frail excuses of imaginary democracy and legitimacy. Restoring their credibility as independent news sources in Egypt will take a long while if ever and in the case of Al Jazeera news it’s impossibility.

Evidently, somehow the western media and analysts are under the impression that Muslim Brotherhood represents Islam therefore they have to be careful criticizing them in order to be “Politically Correct”. This is an ignorance from the fact that what most of the Muslim Brotherhood stand for is exactly the opposite of what Islam is all about.

The fine line that most Egyptian journalists and political activists are going through now is to explain to the world, the difference between actual Muslims and the cult of the Muslim brotherhood. The reason for that is it’s evident that a lot of Media outlets, journalists as well as average citizens in North America and Europe are oblivious to the difference unintentionally and occasionally intentionally.



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