…. and that’s why Egyptians are revolting again!!

“Qualis artifex pereo!” “What an artist is now about to perish!” Emperor Nero

These words were the last words uttered before the mad Roman Emperor Nero commits suicide after burning the immortal city of Rome , the question what will be Morsi’s last words before he steps down as president . Will it be “Quae iam peritura philosophorum” which stands for What a philosopher about to perish! hence his Honorary Doctorate degree strangely awarded to him by Pakistanis or will be it be “Quae iam peritura fascist!” which means as What a fascist about to Perish!

The Islamists and their affiliates are lobbying in the USA and utilizing their outlets like CAIR backed by the Qatari propaganda machine Al Jazeerah International to fabricate blatant lies about the real situation in Egypt. In Many cases the Islamists propaganda machine Al Jazeerah, has been reporting for almost a year that Morsi is the popular president who is fought unfairly by his secular adversaries in Egypt. The latter were always portrayed by Al Jazeerah and their Islamist lobby in USA and UK as being ironically anti-democratic and they don’t respect the will of the people which is the complete opposite.

For over a year through their recently formed viscous lobby in the USA, UK and with the help of the Qatari allies, Muslim Brotherhood attempted to portray themselves as the moderate Islamists who are lenient towards the west and believe in democracy. This claim couldn’t be further from the truth with Morsi consolidating his powers in Egypt to a God-like president worse than any time since 1952. His main allies are former active terrorists like Gamaa Islamiya elements who committed atrocities in Egypt since the 1970s and ending by a massacre of Tourists in Luxor in 1997 killing over 50 innocents and injuring dozens.

Ironically Morsi have appointed a member of that group as the new governor of Luxor in June 2013. A move that has sent a message to the civilized world that not only Morsi regime is tolerant for terrorism but actually rewards their ill deeds with political positions. After an international scandal for this appointment and under public pressure, the governor resigned but the damage was done to the tourism industry.

Muslim brotherhood possesses an army of sympathizers in the western press who are usually happy to analyze the facts to their favour. That group of journalists write in the most prestigious of international newspapers and periodicals in the west.

One of the advocates of the Muslim Brotherhood propaganda and pro Wahhabi Islam (Extremist version), is Professor John Esposito. His latest article in Huffington post represent an illogical and out of touch analysis. It was posted on June20th 2013 titled “New Threat to Egyptian Democracy”. He is claimed that the June 30th uprising is the biggest threat for democracy in Egypt. As serious as that analysis may sound, it’s in fact laughable to any knowledgeable person about the real situation in Egypt. He described that Morsi have done some “mistakes” but there is no reason to destroy what he called a “democratic process”. Esposito ignored the following points in his very shallow analysis:

1. The legitimacy of the Presidential elections is still a disputed matter in Egyptians court due to the huge fraudulent actions by Islamists to push Morsi to the seat. Even if it meant forged ballot cards to be used and thousands has been uncovered in many ballots stations. Morsi’s regime and their allies in the judges and police made sure to cover up this case and it was dropped. But now a newer case is in courts filed by Morsi’s elections opponent Ahmed Shafiq.

2. Esposito neglected the fact that Morsi has broken his oath twice. Once when he ousted the Supreme council of Armed Forces and hold all powers to himself. This was done by an Edict following an assault on Egyptian Soldiers killing 16 by what has proved to his Palestinian Hamas allies and some convicted terrorists whom he pardoned days earlier by a the Morsi himself.

3. Second time he broke his oath when Morsi decided to take control of the entire country and ousting the Attorney general AbdulMageid Mahmoud and replacing him with a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Talaat Abdullah. Thus, they assaulted one of the pillars of the Egyptian state which is the judiciary system. This unprecedented assault never happened even during the height of Tyranny during the 1960. Added to this he decided to establish what a new court resembling fascists and communist states and he labeled it “The Revolution Court”. He breached the constitutional declaration he vowed to uphold and the end result that is that 90% of the Judiciary system are confronting Morsi now and declared they are on strike.

Judges in Egypt are publically threatened by the president and his aides especially those in the Egyptian Constitutional court who obstructed Morsi and his Islamist group ambitions for total hegemony and maintained a counter balance to his aggressive power mongering policies.

4. Morsi allowed his Muslim Brotherhood group and allies to besiege the Egyptian constitutional court and prevented its members from entering it in order to place obstacles in front of them to declare the Upper House of the Parliament as unconstitutional. The same happened like the lower house due to the fact that the election laws that brought them to power are not constitutional and unjustly not representing the entire spectrum of Egyptian population. Now in June 2013 Constitutional Court declared Egyptian upper house as constitutional yet it was given the chance to operate in light of the absence of the lower house. However, any laws that are voted from this parliament should be rendered as null and void.

5. Christians and all minorities in Egypt including Shiaa and many others were left by Morsi to face their fate against the marauding hordes of his Islamists. These Islamists threaten them physically and verbally on daily basis in their unorthodox hate TV networks ironically called “Islamic” Channels but they couldn’t be further in their teachings from the real Islamic ethics.

6. Violence against activists, protestors as well as Media anchors and politicians became the norm in Egypt by Brotherhood elements and Islamists who are wreaking havoc in Egypt, yet they are met now by strong resistance from the average Egyptian citizens. Morsi never condemned any act of violence against the opposition committed by members of his group.

7. Esposito claims only that 32 members of the Muslim brotherhood out of a possible 100 were in the Constitution writing assembly .He failed to acknowledge that over 40 others were directly or indirectly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies who included these smaller Satellite Political Parties like El Wasat Party among many others and it was enough for 2/3rd of the assembly to approve the most terrible constitution in Egypt’s modern history.

8. Esposito claimed that the Media is offering misinformation about the Muslim Brotherhood and they are enjoying unmatched freedoms. During Morsi’s reign 1000s of lawsuits have been filed against anchors and journalists and many are facing jail time on the frail accusations of insulting the president. During Mubarak rule only 6 cases have been filed against journalists for insulting the president according to the Arab Network for Human Rights information (ANHRI) report on January 20th 2013 just about 7 months from Morsi’s reign.

The same report cited that the during Morsi’s first 200 days more violations against media and journalism has been reported than both Mubarak and even Sadat presidency combined. To be precise more violations have been committed during Morsi that are 4 times as much as Mubarak 30 years era, 24 times than Sadat 10 years era and more than any era since 1909. It’s noteworthy that only one sentence has been served during Mubarak era by a blogger named Karim Amer for 4 years. The rest of the 5 including prominent journalists Ibrahim Eissa, Abdel Haleem Kandeel, Sahar Zaki and Lawyer Said Abdullah were pardoned by President. While Poet Moneer Said Hanna was charged but acquitted from all charges and was freed from a 3 year sentence. Yet, Morsi surpassed all this with his aides to control the media and the press but his attempt failed as the brave media anchors, writers and journalists have stood bravely against his attempts. The Egyptian media maybe a lot of things and have committed huge mistakes. However, what they have reported about the violations of law, constitution and proper conduct of Morsi and his allies is true and documented by international human rights NGOs unlike what Esposito claims.

(For further critique for the Egyptian Media please refer to the following articles)

9. Unlike what Morsi promised during his presidential campaign to rally all factions around him to work for Egypt, he has been one of the most divisive leaders that Egypt has witnessed in its long recorded history. Egypt has never been on the brink of a major civil conflict or civil war since the times of the pharaohs thanks to the President divisive policies and speeches.

10. Under Morsi’s rule Egypt is turning slowly but steadily into a jungle where the law of the gun is prevalent in many impoverished areas and it’s moving gradually to even the richer areas in major cities. The Ministry of Interior only job during most Morsi’s reign is to quell any peaceful protests and arrest opposition while protecting elements of Muslim Brotherhood who assault opposition protests.

11. Over 15 Million petitions signed by Egyptians demanding Morsi to step down and call for early elections. Morsi only achieved 13 million voters with lawsuits already been filed contesting this result. Accordingly, the “Tamarod” campaign which means “Mutiny” have collected more petitions than even the debatable number that Morsi achieved.

12. Incitement against his opponents is the weekly cocktail that Egyptians had to sip throughout his one year term. Almost no speech for Morsi that didn’t include a direct threat of incarceration for his opponents whom he always called as vandals, corrupt, loyalists to the former regime (despite most of his opposition are the one who actually toppled the last regime) The last spree of fascist like speeches among his hysterical crowds ended up with with unprecedented scenes in Egypt’s history. Pro Morsi Islamist clerics like Sheikh Mohamed AbdulMaksood had enough hypocrisy and audacity to pray publicly against Morsi’s opponents and asking God to smite Morsi’s enemies whom they called infidels. Hundreds of such sickening scenes have been recorded recently during the reign of Morsi and are spread like a malicious cancer in many TV networks and media outlets . Egypt would do much better without a regime that is inciting extremist and sectarianism in every possible chance.

13. Morsi allowed his entourage of Jihadist clerics to spew hatred publicly on the microphone against Shia’s and others and turning the Syrian conflict into a religious war. The result is 5 dead Shi’a including one major cleric dead in a small village nearby Cairo called Abu Musallem . That took place after 3000 Salafis extremist burned alive 5 Shi’a Muslims prior to threatening them of evacuation from the village. Not even in the Medieval times Egypt witnessed any such hatred climate but it’s happening in 2013 under the auspices of the unconstitutional president Morsi.

14. Egyptian National security is becoming a laughable matter under Morsi’s regime. The Egyptian society is now mostly carrying guns smuggled from Libya, Sudan and Gaza on daily basis. Not a week that passes that the Egyptian Border guards capture a consignment of weapons from small to grade to heavy artillery. Furthermore, under the auspices and blessing of Morsi , tunnels from Gaza smuggling all sorts of material and weapons are open by the blessing of Morsi. He even forbids the army taking complete control of these tunnels till the army decided to act on their own and closed hundreds of these tunnels. These attacks and kidnapping of the soldiers diminished the Egyptian National Security .Despite the army have done a hard job but Morsi’s protection to Hamas and their Jihadists allies kept them from performing their duties as necessary.

15. Under Morsi’s regime most of Egypt’s political decisions are taken upon blessing them first from the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters and their Bureau of Guidance. Morsi’s aides admitted that coordination and discussions between the presidential office and the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters take place daily for all major decisions.

16. Morsi is probably the only president who never delivered a single promise or vow he mentioned during his presidential campaign including his ill fated 100 days program. The only promise that he kept was changing Egypt which he literally did to much worse.

17. Morsi entourage is mainly composed of mostly either extremists, extremist clerics or former seasoned terrorist. His latest conference organized about the Nile river crisis was a like the Comic-Con (Famous Comics and Alternative Expo) of terrorism. This when all sorts of terrorists from different organization.

The President seemed chuffed saluting and hugging former convicted terrorist who murdered countless Egyptians including former President Sadat. Among these people, Morsi seems to feel more secure as he makes sure that they are satisfied by his controversial policies which usually are against the rest of the entire population.

18. On the 23rd of June 2013 Egyptian Court in Ismailia have ruled to summon Mohamed Morsi and 34 other Muslim Brotherhood leader for questioning about their attempted breakout from Wadi El Natroon Prison on January 29th 2011 with the assistance of the Terrorist elements of Palestinian Hamas , Lebanese Hezbollah and Al Qaeda elements among others. Morsi and his entourage were held on accusation of Espionage and contacting foreign intelligence agencies. This official espionage charges by the Egyptian courts should officially strip Morsi of any presumed legitimacy that he and his supporters have been flashing in the eyes of opposition for a whole year.

The above information and details are not secrets, as they have been widely documented and circulated worldwide. However, apparently Mr. Esposito and his ilk chose willingly to ignore facts on the ground and instead they have claimed that their aim is to save an illusionary “Democratic Process” that only exists in their minds.

Esposito may have expressed his own views or convictions but there are dozens of western writers and journalists out there who pledge allegiance to Wahhabi Islamists and serve to be their loyal ambassadors in the west. Some of these apologists to Wahhabi Islamists believe they are doing the world a great favour by unintentionally or intentionally sweetening up terrorism and propagating the acceptance of extremism under the banner of harmony between nations. Nevertheless, religious extremist cannot be tolerated no more than Nazism and fascism are.

Esposito may think he is doing Muslims a favour by trying to understand and propagate the extremist views among them but that is not the case. Muslims have suffered from extremism for decades and what Esposito and other apologists are doing is making the Muslims lives even harder by attempting to subjugate to these views which have rendered most of the Muslim Countries and societies to continue to be part of the third world for decades.

Luckily enough there are scholars like the Libertarian American Muslim Stephan Suleiman Schwartz who exposes the likes of John Esposito claims and have written books about the real principals of Islamic faith like “The Other Islam: Sufism and the Road to Global Harmony” countering the view of the Wahhabi extremist doctrine eloquently.

The Qatari financiers have made sure that their lobby in USA and Britain serves their agenda in the western media and continues to do so. This has been further in this article last year Titled “Egypt Lost in Bermuda Triangle”.

Domestic policies from Hell:

Despite the huge blunders of Morsi constitutionally and divisive policies that have characterized his reign, some less politically inclined Egyptians may have forgiven his eccentricities, failures and unorthodox behavior should he has managed a tighter ship domestically. The complete opposite is exactly the case with Morsi’s Egypt:

1. Morsi and his loyal follower Prime Minister Hisham Kandeel, have effectively sank Egypt in an unprecedented ocean of debt. Not content by almost depleting the National reserve of hard currency which is at its most critical level in decades, but also have been signing for huge loans that the Egyptian economy will not be able to tolerate in the upcoming years. It will take years to clear up the mess created by Morsi’s inefficient leadership and his inapt Cabinet and on top of them Hisham Kandeel.

2. The Cairo Stock market has been witnessing nightmares upon Morsi took the seats and tens of billions of dollars have been lost. Egyptian stock market registered companies have been suffering immensely as with every political decision by Morsi they lose countless millions. The Stock market is not attractive any longer for the foreign investors who avoid it due to the severe losses during last year. Foreign debt increased from 34.3 Billion USD to 44.8 Billion USD from June 2012 –June 2013. With Fiscal imbalance balance increase from 170 Billion EGP (June2012) to 204 Billion EGP (June2013)

3. The Egyptian currency (Egyptian Pound) devaluation as a result of Kandeel’s following the IMF loan criteria to the letter has resulted that all imported commodities to rise in prices at about 20%-30% since January 2013 with some commodities doubling in prices already. This has caused the poorer Egyptians to revolt continuously as a result of the dire conditions that they are living. The Egyptian currency is at its all time low with One dollar is equivalent to 7 Egyptian pounds.(June2013) The currency was steady and fighting through the revolution 18 days and the interim period but upon the Morsi taking the seat of presidency the currency lost 1 Pound to the dollar and still getting devalued.

4. Total deterioration of Service in all sectors starting from the transport sector and all the way to the shortages in water, electricity and fuels all over the country. Taking a train from Cairo to a southern city in Upper Egypt is becoming as efficient as the horse coaches in the Wild West. The train is always under threat of having an accident or its stops for being out of order. Similarly, the Underground service is becoming more and more unreliable due to power shortages and improper surveillance and maintenance.

5. Power Shortages that last for days on end did cost the Egyptian commercial, health and industrial sectors Billions of dollars last year. The losses include wasted food products and drinks. Shutting down production lines and most important of all is the loss of lives to power shortages in the hospitals. Car fuel in rural areas and in some urban areas including Cairo is becoming more of a luxury with the long queues that last a few hours to buy the needed fuel. Of course this has effectively increased the prices of all foodstuff and commodities due to the increase in prices of fuel and its rarity. During this turmoil, Kandeel decided to raise the prices for Electrical supply as well as water which made things even more catastrophic for a large sector of the society.

6. Morsi insisted on what was known in the media as the “Brotherhoodization” of Egypt policies. These mean that almost all high ranking officials in all key sectors of the country would be Brotherhood members, their Islamists allies or their sympathizers who infiltrated the liberal and socialists camp. These positions include Ministers, Governors, Executives, Clerics, Judges, lawyers, etc.. However, the brave Egyptian people had stood firmly against these policies and in some governorates like Ismailia, Menofiya, Dakahliya, Luxor, etc.. have prevented the governors from entering their offices by surrounding the City Halls in peaceful protests and chanting slogans against the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamists and of course Mohamed Morsi.

7. Crimes rates are at an all time high , murders , arsons, rape, mass rape, mass sexual harassment, kidnappings , grand theft autos (Cars usually smuggled to Gaza for resale) and much more have been reported during Morsi lawless rule. Lawlessness has led some villages to exact vengeance with their own hands on the culprits and killers themselves. So the world witnessed medieval scenes of people hanging from the trees and covered in blood.

8. The Muslim Brotherhood has been playing the bully throughout the past 2 years and things became very grim as they use their muscle power to try and attack any protestors against Muslim Brotherhood or Morsi in all cities. They are usually are met with stronger resistance from the population while their goons and thugs and usually injured or captured by the population. Yet the thuggery continues and the threat of violence towards the protestors by Islamists is still valid and they vowed to spill blood for their beloved president Morsi. As a result the Minister of Defense threatened all parties that resorting to violence on the June 30th protests and afterwards will result in a direct interference from the armed forces.

Morsi International Political Blunders:


Egyptian-Syrian relations extend for millennia and the family ties extending for centuries. Despite Morsi claimed that he wishes to reach a peaceful solution that is in favour of the Syrian people. His words all of a sudden changed upon the rejection of the Russian President Putin to his demands for economic aid and others during their meetings.

Therefore, he attempted to try and seize the opportunity after Obama declared that he will aid the Syrian rebels upon the allegations of Chemical weapons usage by Syrian army against rebels. Morsi improvised severing the ties with Syria during a public speech among his followers. Many of the attendance were from Syria and Palestine. Without the approval of the Ministry Of Foreign affairs or even the knowledge of the Presidential office, he severed the ties with Syria and called for Jihad.

This is an unprecedented event in the history of Egypt’s famous diplomacy. This same ministry that is torn apart now by Morsi’s regime and his subpar and inapt Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Kamel Amr, who is almost non-existent and most Egyptians don’t even know his name.

Not content for severing diplomatic ties but he asks Egyptians Muslims to join the so called “Jihad” against the Tyrannical “Shi’a” Bashar El Assad regime in Syria. Accordingly he added a religious perspective to purely political conflict there. This is another unprecedented intervention in the affairs of a sovereign country not done since President Nasser sent troops to Yemen to support a rebellion against their monarch which led to disastrous consequences.

Morsi amateurish political capabilities are leading Egypt into a dark path internationally and the million dollar question is: What if Bashar El Assad declared that he supports the Egyptians uprising on the 30th of June 2013 and decides to send Jihadist or even some troops from his allies Hezbollah to aid Egyptians? Would Morsi consider that as an intervention in the Egyptian affairs? If yes then he certainly shouldn’t do the same.


Ethiopia declaring that they establishing what is known as the Renaissance Dam on the banks of the Nile nearby the border between Ethiopia and Sudan. The new dam may represent a clear and present danger to the existence of the Egyptian state since it will inhibit the water flow of the Nile to the already arid lands of Egypt. However, he avoided doing what should have been normally done by commencing talks with Ethiopia and starting roundtrip diplomatic efforts with the EU, UN and Superpowers explaining the Egyptian point of view about the establishment of the dam. This should be in coordination with the international community as well as the Ethiopian government to prove that this dam will cause severe damages in Egypt while suggesting alternatives and modifications if necessary to its structure. But instead, Morsi seizes the opportunity and convenes with mostly amateur politicians of his camp and a few sympathizers.

The ridiculous part that the attendance of the meeting were informed that the meeting is top secret only that they discover later that it’s live on air and broadcasted on all Egyptian TV networks. The content of this meeting which included threats to Ethiopia and bad wordings against Ethiopia and Sudan was heard all over the world. It seemed like an Amateur night for politicians who expressed the most ridiculous ideas on handling such a crisis. It also has displayed the degree of the political crisis in Egypt. These types of politicians including the amateur president happened to be running the lives and controlling the fate of 90 million Egyptians.

Naturally, the diplomatic ties with Ethiopia got worse especially when the President declared further hostile intentions in a public speech few days later in a convention organized by his beloved Islamist allies. The deteriorating situation with Ethiopia and war threats by Morsi show the shallow diplomacy skills that he possess especially at times when Egypt is suffering on all fronts thanks to his lack of presidential capabilities. Hopefully upon Morsi’s stepping down, Egypt diplomacy will be restored to its former glory and a peaceful solution will be reached with Ethiopia.


The United Arab Emirates has been a target for all Islamists since it hosted former Presidential Nominee Ahmed Shafiq and the actual winner according to many reports. Shafiq has received threats from Islamists and was targeted by countless lawsuits after the declaration that Morsi is the winner. He found himself having to leave the country in order to protect his family after Islamists took over the rule and sought vendetta despite he was an honourable adversary to them and congratulated their new president.

UAE is enjoying the most liberal atmosphere in almost all the Middle East and despite it’s not a democracy by Western standards but the citizens and foreigners alike enjoy freedoms that are unmatched in any part of the region. Of course a country like that will not be spared by the International Muslim Brotherhood organization. In January 2013, a Muslim Brotherhood cell in the UAE was uncovered and jailed by Emirati security forces that target the overthrow the regime and installing another Muslim Brotherhood in the region. Unfortunately some Egyptians who were working in UAE were implicated among many other natives. The regime in Egypt found these arrests offensive despite the Emirati side were protecting their own national security. Yet Morsi allies wages a vicious campaign and accused Emirates of aiding and funding the opposition in Egypt . The latest chapter of this diplomatic smear campaign waged by Islamists against U.A.E , Vice President of Justice and Freedom Party (Muslim Brotherhood) have waged a severe attack on the good people of Emirates for no reason at all and called them names. The Party later distanced itself from these statements and said they don’t express their official opinion but if the vice president of the party doesn’t express the official opinion then who does.

UAE Emirates since its union in 1970 and even before was one of the closest friends of Egypt in the Arab world. Over a Million Egyptians at least have worked in UAE throughout the last 40 years and ties couldn’t be stronger and UAE officials have had more wisdom than the current Islamist Regime not to get into a war of words with them. Most Egyptians still hold Emirates with great esteem and they were angered themselves by the irresponsible ranting of one of Morsi’s aides.

The above are simple examples of the diplomatic blunders of Morsi’s regime not counting the strange international press statements and occasionally awkward behavior in the presence of foreign dignitaries and officials like the case of the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard among others.

Controversial Projects:

Muslim brotherhood were not ashamed of their fiasco project labeled “El Nahda” or “Renaissance Project” that they sold as their election campaign future project for Egypt to the gullible masses. They even have been indulged in a 2 more controversial and publicly shunned projects:

The Suez Canal project:

The Suez Canal was established in 1864 as the most important naval passage and commercial route in the world. Since its inception Egypt has been in the focus of international colonialist powers of the 19th century like Great Britain and onwards through the 20th century. The Suez Canal became a zone of conflict with Israel, Britain and France. The latter two were share holders in the Suez Canal whom Egyptian President Nasser angered after Egyptianizing its ownership 1956. This resulted in the Suez Crisis war and a trilateral attack on Egypt by Great Britain, France and Israel. The assault ended after the famous American President Eisenhower ultimatum to all the assailing countries and a similar ultimatum from the Soviet Union.

The canal was closed again after the 6 days war with Israel in 1967 and reopened after the 1973 Egyptian victory but in 1975. The whole planet depends on the safe passage of this canal as more than 10% of the international trade passes through this canal as well as oil from the Middle East to Europe and the rest of the world. Accordingly, its strategic importance to Egypt and the whole world is immense. Now the Morsi regime was proposing the sale of strategic locations around the canal for international bidders without any calculation to the strategic aspect of this move. It’s known that according to the Camp David Accords Most of the Egyptian army especially the second and third armies are stationed around the Suez Canal which can hinder the movement and maneuvers of the army in this area. Not just that , in this case any country in the world can have an asset in the Suez Canal that Egyptian render as a sacred ground that tens of thousands of Egyptian lost their lives digging it and defending it.

Accordingly this project is publicly unacceptable and despite the importance of developing the Suez Canal area, it has to be done with careful a approach and study so the Egyptians would still have the final say in its regard.

The Islamic Bonds Project (Sukuk)

This is another one of Brotherhood’s shameful projects that was aimed to lure simple minded Muslims by buying bonds for the projects that the Brotherhood claims to establish in Egypt. The Highest Islamic authority in Egypt Al Azhar Mosque have shunned this project and Bonds program introduced by the Brotherhood and called it “Un-Islamic” . Also they have elaborated that the project will be backdoor for any foreign powers to buy occupy Egypt economically In case of failure to pay back. Nevertheless and despite changing it to the Bonds project after Al Azhar objection, they still were approved by the unconstitutional Islamist dominant Upper House “Shura” Parliament. They were renamed just the Bonds or “Sukuk” Project. The patriotism factor again in the minds of Islamists is absent as they don’t believe in nations but an imaginary nation or a caliphate is what they aim for.

……. and that’s why Egyptians are revolting again!!!!

On the account of the above Mohamed Morsi has lost his legitimacy as the Egyptian President. Morsi has not attempted for even a single hour since he took office to be a president for all Egyptians. His limited capabilities and is favoritism tactics led him to be a president only for Islamists and not even all Islamists but just Muslim brotherhood particularly.

Egyptians will not waste further time convincing anyone with their position to revolt against a regime that killed, incarcerated and destroyed the livelihoods of countless millions of Egyptians. They will not seek President Obama approval for what they want their country to be. Neither will they seek Obama’s controversial Ambassador Ann Patterson whose dubious political path and a trail of blood follow her wherever she goes from Columbia to Iraq , Pakistan and Finally Egypt. Due to her past and continuous political interferences in favour of the Muslim Brotherhood, she made herself a Public enemy to many Egyptians and created a bad image to her great nation.

Some may say that the actual Ambassador of USA in Egypt is the Egyptian National Football coach Bob Bradley who through his modest, kindly and dedicated behavior has won the hearts of many Egyptians. Bradley is an actual representative of the good American people. It’s not only through his good behavior towards Egyptians but also through results in the World Cup qualification where he excelled and managed the best record in World Cup Qualifications in recent memory. Also he is close to realize a 2 decades Egyptians dream of qualifying to the Football world cup in Brazil 2014. These are the kind of personalities that should represent the USA in Egypt to erase the horrible experiences of both the Bush and Obama administrations from Egyptians’ memory.

Egyptians have a hard task of restoring Egypt to pre Morsi era and even pre 24th of January 2011 which might take long years provided they take the right path economically and politically. The Egyptians deserve a modern constitution that relates to the times we are living and not a constitution that resembles some an ancient scripture scroll like the one Egypt has now.

There is no further time for trial and errors as the current terrible Islamist regime has sent Egypt to oblivion. There is no further time to waste as every day Morsi still in power Egypt loses millions upon millions of dollars that Egyptians won’t retrieve easily.

Egyptians are adamant to go out and change a system that has backstabbed them and sent their country to dark abyss of chaos, backwardness and violence. Most Egyptians with the exception of Islamists are determined to oust Morsi’s regime that lost all legitimacy. If they were successful before ousting a much stronger regime (with the help of the army) at much better times economically and socially, then they are likely to succeed in ousting the tyrannical regime of Morsi all the same.

Morsi has only one of two options either stepping down willingly and averting a conflict in the country or getting ousted by the nation. The Egyptian army as they always vowed will side with the people as they vowed repeatedly throughout the past year, hence Morsi has not alternative but to abide to the will of the people.

Egypt throughout its over 7000 years endured a lot of hardships caused by rulers of different types. Modern day Egyptians are not willing to go through more …. And that’s why Egyptians are revolting again!


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